For numerous of the troubleshooting exercises us discuss, you"ll must be familiar with the principle of resistance. Resistance, symbolized by the (Ω) symbol and also measured in Ohms, is a measure of exactly how well a present can travel with a circuit or a provided path. A circuit through no resistance (0) would show a finish circuit, or one that has actually no short. A circuit with full resistance would show a fully open circuit -- one through which no existing was able to pass.

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When troubleshooting CB issues, being able to measure resistance (or the absence thereof) allows us to determine if there are any type of shorts in our wiring, with the antenna and with our ground. There is no understanding and also being may be to measure a circuit"s resistance, it will be difficult to troubleshoot many CB problems that may arise.

In bespeak to measure up resistance, you"ll need a multimeter. Multimeters are offered to measure a variety of electrical contents including resistance, voltage and amperage. Us strongly introduce buying a basic multimeter if girlfriend don"t very own one already, together they are very affordable and also invaluable in troubleshooting a wide selection of automotive and also electrical problems. A basic analog multimeter is pictured below.

Image 1 - A basic Analog Multimeter


Two separation, personal, instance probes are supplied when experimentation circuits v the multimeter. Together you have the right to see below in photo 2, when the probes space seperated, the circuit is totally open, i m sorry is shown by the reading of infinite resistance, or Ohms, ~ above the multimeter scale.

Image 2 - An open Circuit


When the probes are touched together, the circuit is closed and also the multimeter shows this v the needle swinging to the other finish of the scale to indicate near 0 resistance, as checked out in image 3.

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Image 3 - A closeup of the door Circuit


Each multimeter will be a little different, for this reason it"s ideal to above the instructions the came v the meter on setup it increase correctly, setup sensitivity and also taking measurements. Once the meter is set up, the process of trial and error for resistance is an extremely straightforward.