i don"t recognize if anybody has played the video game Tribond, however here"s how it works: three words space given, and also the player has actually to figure out what they have in common. Example: "What perform Earth, Pie, and Bread all have in common?" Answer: "They all have crusts". Answers ARE allowed to rely on homophones, an example (not a very great one), being "What carry out Apple, Cherry, and 3.14159..." have actually in common? Answer: "They"re all pie/pi" (Apple Pie, Cherry Pie, and pi)! So, right here are 2 Tribond puzzles I"ve come up through (hopefully lock take an ext than 5 seconds come solve):

What carry out these three have actually in common:

Discussions, Sewing machines, screws?

Printers, Airplanes, new York?

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This would be

All have threads Screws are threaded, discussions in forums have actually threads and sewing makers use thread to sew.


All have jets. Printers have actually ink jets, airplanes have actually jet engines and also The brand-new York Jets are a sports franchise.


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