Ive just seen recognize nemo, and also thought it to be an exellent film. But im currently in a little of a dilemma over a shooting in the film, wherein the seagulls speak. Perform they say:




I believed it to be mike yet thats doesnt make sence, what perform you think?


i belive…



Oh no, she going come have an additional bloodbath in a minute


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Are the seagulls in finding Nemo speak "Mate", "Mine", or both? please let it it is in "mate"!! :D Anyone know for sure? PS: I want to make a poll but I can"t discover the choice :shrug:

As I said in there, I’m every for “Mine”. Unless it was some weird monsters Inc. Joke, however then they’d have to say Wazowski too.


lock lock lock.

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mine mine mine

mate friend mate.

buy the dvd




whoa what the heck? yes sir a petition and everything?

maybe there are alternating releases that the movie, which supplies “mine” and also “mate” because that each nation like harry potter did through “sorcerer’s stone” and philosopher’s stone" =P


ok at very first it just seemed stunner to me just how the sound of the indigenous mine and also mate sound might be interchanged, however now that ns think around it from an australian accent suggest of view and not american-

american girlfriend = “mayyyyt”

american Mine = “mahhh-iiine”

australian mate = “mahhh-iiite”

australien Mine = “mohhh-iiine”

that’s actually really interesting! american Mine and also australian Mate definitely are the two closest sounds, especially since nobody annunciates the letter t together an explosive consonant this days.

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sorry if i’m turn off on the principles of the aussie accent, yet i execute listen to aussie webradio a lot so ns not just going native crocodile dundee and foster’s advertising =P

anyways ns doubt anybody rather will uncover that as exciting as i do, however it was odd to step back from the truth that we’re all keying the same language here and realize how in different way it probably sounds inside every one of our heads.

hooray for the web making me actually stop and think of something native another’s allude of see