A Praying Mantis (Hierodula patellifera) in usual "praying" posture.Photograph by OpenCage license is granted under an imaginative Commons.

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The Mantids are a team of 1,800 carnivorous insects (Order: Mantodea). Many mantids space from tropical countries although a few do occur in cooler climates. Your closest family members are the pole insects, grasshoppers and also cockroaches. Choose their family members the mantids undergo an easy or incomplete metamorphosis; they perform not have actually a maggot or caterpillar however go through numerous stages all of which look choose miniature, wingless adults.


Young mantids should be fed on fruit paris (Drosophila sp.), aphids or other little insects. They execute well if offered with as lot food together they can eat back they have the right to last fairly a while without food.

As they thrive they deserve to be offered larger prey, nearly any insects (for example, blue party flies, grasshoppers, crickets, cockroaches) will certainly be eaten. Some types will happily tackle food as large as themselves. However, you should make sure that any type of insects that are not consumed do not chew the legs or wings of her mantid.

If you keep live food for her mantid then you should also ensure the the live food is retained in ideal conditions (adequate space, exactly temperature and also humidity and access to food and also water).


Many species are really aggressive in the direction of each other and also if maintained in teams they will eat each other especially as one or two become slightly larger than your brothers and sisters.

As the mantis grow it will burned its skin numerous times, ending up being larger at each stage. Originally a tiny container such together a yoghurt pot will certainly make suitable cage. Together the mantis grows it can progress into a jam seasoned or milk bottle and also finally right into a sweet jar. The height of the yoghurt pot have the right to be extended with clingfilm. A small hole deserve to be made v the clingfilm to allow food to be placed in. The hole deserve to be plugged v a piece of sponge i m sorry will allow air come enter. A similar sponge plug have the right to be supplied in the neck that a bottle, jars should have lids with holes drilled in them.

Whatever kind of cage is offered a pole or branch have to be listed for the insect to hang from when it sheds its skin and the street from the optimal of the branch come the floor need to be at least three times the length of the insect. Numerous Praying mantids space from tropical origins and therefore have to be retained warm, together a general dominance 20°C to 25°C will be ideal.

Mantids carry out not usually must drink. Yet if they are maintained in a heated cage a little dish the water is a an excellent idea in stimulate to administer some humidity, alternatively the cage need to be sprayed with water every day.


Sexing mantids is challenging when lock are tiny but reasonably easy as soon as adult, eight segments can be counted on the underside the the abdomen that a male and also six on that of the woman (in some types the end segments are complicated to see and also only seven or five may be counted).

After two or three weeks as adult the mantids have the right to be mated. Both should be fed as lot as they will eat for number of days before the male is introduced to the female"s cage. The is advisable to use a huge cage for the mating and feeding them well beforehand is vital otherwise the female will certainly eat the male. Mating may occur automatically or it might take the masculine a work or therefore to make his approach. Mating may last a work or much more so the is a great idea to keep the cage provided with food therefore the female can eat when mating. The male should be gotten rid of as shortly as mating has actually finished.

The egg are produced in an eggcase referred to as an ootheca this may develop 30 to 300 young mantids depending on the species. The ootheca is a frothy mass created by the female, the froth hardens to form a tough case for the eggs. Hatching usually takes between 3 and also 6 months. The young may hatch in its entirety or in batches end a period of numerous weeks.

The ootheca must be suspended at least 5cm above the floor the the cage. Once the young flower they cave by a thread native the ootheca till their skin hardens off. The female will eat a lot and become an extremely fat prior to laying an ootheca ~ above a branch or next of the container if she is already fat she might well place her first ootheca the work after mating.

She will certainly lay several oothecae, usually about six, however only requirements to be mated once. The young nymphs can be housed together for a time yet the cage have to be very huge with many of hiding places and an overfill of live food have to be detailed to stop cannibalism. The mantids should be housed individually after the 2nd or third moult.

Mantids will certainly live because that 12 to 18 months and also the oothecae can also take numerous months to hatch.

Some species of mantis are parthenogenic therefore can produce a viable ootheca there is no mating.

Overwintering mantis oothecas (egg mass)

If you live in a ar where mantids happen naturally you may find mantis oothecas (see the photo on our Mantodea page) in the wild. World sometimes wonder how the egg within the egg mass make it through over winter. In the situation of the mantis, the eggs will be buffered native extremes that temperature by being in the safety egg case (or by the position of the oothecae).

However, world occasionally lug mantis egg masses at home to "protect" them over winter. Unfortunately the warmth can reason the nymphs to emerge early and also be unable to find any kind of food. Instead, if you desire to keep and observe the ootheca, you have to keep it in an unheated structure (like a shed) and also let the nymphs arise at the correct time.

Lost limbs

Praying mantids undergo incomplete metamorphosis. Sometimes, often if your cage is as well dry, a mantis may have trouble shedding the old skin and also will shed a body in the process of moulting. If this happens it is possible for a mantis come regrow the shed limb however only once they moult again. This method that, if her mantis is one adult (i.e. If it"s obtained wings), climate it won"t have the ability to regrow the shed limb.

Suggested species

Sphrodomantis viridis native West Africa is basic species to keep, really suitable because that beginners. They are about 8 cm long and either bright green to irradiate brown in colour. They will happily take it food the their own size and also they will additionally take piece of uncooked meat if it is available on a pair that tweezers. Your ootheca have the right to contain up to 300 eggs.

Further information on Praying Mantids.

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