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The street traveled by electromagnetic radiation is given by:



v is the speed of the radiation

t is the moment elapsed

Electromagnetic radiation travels at the speed of light, i beg your pardon is same to:

The time elapsed in this problem is


Substituting into the equation, we find


which corresponds to


wavelength, λ = 0.86 nm = 0.86 x 106-9 m

velocity the electromagnetic radiation is very same as the rate of light

v = 3 x 10^8 m/s

Let the frequency is f.

The relation between the wave velocity, wavelength and also frequency.

v = f x λ



The an additional radiation has actually frequency, f = 6.4 x 10^11 hz

Let the wavelength is λ.

The relation in between frequency, wavelength and the velocity is offered by

v = f x λ


λ = 4.6875 x 10^-4 m = 0.46875 mm

The range of frequency because that the X rays lies between 10^16 Hz come 10^19 Hz.

The over radiations perform not lie in between this variety so they are not detected by the X beam detector.

The street traveled through the radiation in the time is d .

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distance = rate x time

d = 3 x 10^8 x 0.38 x 10^-12 = 1.14 x 10^-4 m


Time take away by the electromagnetic radiation, t = 33 fs

To determine:

The street (d) travelled


Time taken = 33 fs (femtosecond)

1 fs = 10⁻¹⁵ s

Thus t = 33 *10⁻¹⁵ s

Speed of electromagnetic radiation = 3*10⁸ m/s

Distance = speed * Time = 3*10⁸ ms-1 * 33*10⁻¹⁵ s = 99*10⁻⁷ m

Ans: street traveled = 9.9*10⁻⁶ m

The speed of light (electromagnetic radiation) is same to 299 792 458m / s or 3x10^8 m/s in scientific notation.

So with this information, we could now look because that thedistance. Solution:

Take note that μs method microseconds.

Speed of irradiate * microseconds took trip * actual quantity of microseconds(3x10^8 m/s) (45.0 μs) (1x10^-6 s/μs) = 13,500 m.

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Distance is given by speed × timeSpeed of irradiate is 3 × 10^8 m/sThe time of take trip = 0.48 × 10^-12 or 4.8 × 10^-13 secondsTherefore; the distance = (0.48 × 10^-13 )× (3 ×10^8 )  = 1.44 × 10^-4 m
Electromagnetic radiation is an power that is known as light. So electromagnetic radiation will have the exact same speed as the rate of irradiate which is 3 x 10^8 m/s. So the street it travel at 55 x 10^-6 s is:D = ( 3 x 10^8 m/s ) ( 55 x 10^-6 s )D = 16500 m

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