When the FBI are looking the house, and Grasso autumn a key there is one exchange in between Tony and Grasso. I think this is when Harris mentions Grasso"s name.What does Tony do/say here? been bugging me because that a while.

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Hopefully bada or among our Italian-speaking posters will weigh in, yet I"ll venture a guess based on the gesture Tony makes once he says the words. IIRC, the puts the thumb and index finger of each hand with each other to type a circle or hole, and also Grasso responds through something choose "your ass!". I"m thinking Tony claimed something like, "You"re taking it increase the ass from these guys" (as in, he"s a sucker Italian in the FBI that thinks he"s actually accepted by these whitebread guys) or "I"m walking to put one in your ass" or "I"ll ream you a new asshole." everything it was, it was pretty hostile, LOL.
Tony, his soul crushed after ~ b-lining to the fridge an initial thing in the morning: "Who ate the last item of cake?"
I assumed that was the gesture made, however a friend asserted he touch his nose, and also made the circular/diamond shape only once he see"s Grasso in the police van before hearing the green Grove recordings.I thought the gesture there to be the same as the one in the kitchen.Need come rewatch the episode, really. Ns intended to execute so critical night, but the contact of From whereby to Eternity was also great!
Literal translation is the "So, you space making one ass that yourself" evaluate by his hand gesture he considers that a large ass.
Leading on native this, what are some of the various other insults etymologies?I recognize Va"fa Napoli way "Go to Hell" and literally "Go to Napoli". Furio explains the North/South divide and how the southern is considered negative by the North, so making use of Napoli together an isnult type of adds come that.Why the flick native the chin, though?What walk the bending of the nose mean?We likewise find out that Buchiach means "cunt" in D-Girl, it"s interesting to see it provided throughout the present too, notably Sil call Tracey this in University.Any others?
Growing up Italian in my home there was one word you never ever before used; Fachean. It was the one point that would instantly get girlfriend 2 fingers to the ago of the head. The funny point is despite no one can really tell friend what it means. The course her parents won"t. But i"ve approached crusty old bartenders that cringed when i asked and shook your heads, also as, assorted friends and also relatives increase on commonwealth Hill (Italian ar of RI with heavy mob history) and also never obtained the same answer twice. Furio screams the a couple of times in the display (when that slips on egg in the farmer marker). Ns think the pops up once or twice with out the series. Together a next note, among Capones men screams it as he"s gift shot by Kevin Costner in the cabin at the border in The Untouchables.

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Outstanding spot!When you say cultivation up Italian, perform you typical actually Italian, or American Italian?The factor I questioning is that among the points I an alert about the Sopranos is that regularly the more serious insults are offered out in Italian, also though many of the civilization in question have actually never been to Italy.Is the true come life?
American Italian. Pretty much spot ~ above to setup of the Sopranos. Only distinction being the stateside location. While castle are set in NJ, I flourished up and also still live in Rhode Island. Several of the authors came native the very same area of commonwealth Hill (section in RI funding of Providence). Several scenes and even one road expedition from the show were based upon the heavy Italian/mob influence the littlest state has.The swearing in italian is probaly the extent of many itloamericans grasp of the langage. Fung Gool is pretty much the all time favorite

I"m enjoying these tidbits that info, bloodshot.

Tony, his soul crushed ~ b-lining come the fridge very first thing in the morning: "Who ate the last piece of cake?"