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The Timucua: Tearing down the Myth. Numerous modem myths surround the Timucua. Castle did no stand over 7 feet tall, they were no the ancestors that the modem Seminoles, they were no cannibals, and also they did not drink a tea that made lock vomit (although lock did execute rituals that affiliated vomiting). Nobody knows for sure what they called themselves. The hatchet "Timucuan" was acquired from a name originally recorded by the French. It to be the name one group of native world gave to an inland team found approximately present job Orange Park Florida. The is thought the name come from the Timucua native "thimogona", definition "my enemy".

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The area that makes up modern-day main and north Florida and also southern Georgia was

populated by the Timucuan people for much more than four thousand years before the come of the first Europeans. That is believed that the Timucua may have actually been the first Native americans to see the Spanish explorers as soon as they landing in Florida. At an early stage explorers frequently used the language the the Timucua to connect with various other tribes.

In 1591,the artist Jacques Le Moyne and also Theodore de Bry pictured Timucuan Indians trying to find gold in Florida. Indigenous Americanswere the first to endure required labor in the brand-new World.

The Timucua were never ever a solitary political unit. Instead the human being we describe as the Timucua were made up of 25-30 (or even more) individual chiefdoms, every consisting the at least 510 villages. The chief of a chiefdom"s key town served as overall leader. Periodically chiefdoms formed partnerships with one one more for attack or defensive military purposes.

Life in the Villages In Timucuan villages, there to be usually two kinds of houses. One kind of home, described as a lengthy house, was built using poles for the frame, bark because that the walls, and also branches native palmetto palm trees because that the roof. The other type of residence was round and covered through leaves the palm trees.

The Timucua were known to have an ext permanent villages than the other tribes. Each household had their own home but the food preparation took location in the town and meals were held daily in a central location. Castle wore clothing made native deerskin and also woven cloth. The men wore their hair long with a topknot.

Timucua favored to organize ceremonies for planting, harvesting, and also honoring leaders that died. A shaman, the religious leader of the tribe, performed the ceremonies.

The Timucua would have been very much in vogue today! essential Timucua leaders loved to wear tattoos. They"d scrape holes and also streaks anywhere their bodies and rub them v charcoal and also berry juice. Then if they didn"t die from every the infection over the next couple of months, they"d have actually a festooned body

come strut.

Hunting and Fishing The Timucua, like other native Americans, were skilled hunters and also fishermen. The men made devices for hunting and fishing. They provided spears, clubs, bows and also arrows, and also blowguns, to death their game. Several of the video game that they supplied for food consisted of bears, deer, wild turkey, and alligators. Lock smoked the meat over open up fires. The females would clean and also prepare the pet hides and also use them for clothing.

The men likewise caught fish, clams, and also oysters for food. They offered a fishing trap dubbed a weir. This trap was a hardwood fence the stretched throughout a present or river to capture fish. Once the fish swam over the fence in high tide, the weir captured them together the birds went out.

Farming was another important means of obtaining food for the Timucua. The main plants that castle harvested were maize (corn), beans, squash, pumpkins, and melons. The females cooked the meals and also gathered roots, nuts and wild berry to eat. The women also made pottery to use for cooking.

Fighting battle and condition when the assorted tribes speak from the same mommy tongue, a language the oddly come from southern America, they spoke so plenty of dialects castle couldn"t even communicate with every other. Therefore they did what many do that can"t communicate. Lock fought.During the time duration from 1649 v 1656, the populace of the Timucua started to diminish. The Timucua had details fighting actions that it seems to be ~ a small short ~ above compassion. After they slayed an enemy warrior castle would cut off his scalp, dried it, and tie that to your bow. Together if that were no enough, they"d hack off his arms and also legs and also tie them to trophy poles. Wait, there is more. Then they"d support an arrowhead up his rectum deep right into his body. Oooo! ns don"t also want to think about it. As soon as Timucua warrior marched right into battle, the cook was fully surrounded by blocks of warrior making it near impossible for the enemy to gain to him. Yet if a chief need to be killed, that was hidden in a mound with his black Drink covering cup put on top. Dozens the mourning women cut off your hair, and the chief"s house and also belongings were melted to the ground. Thereafter, his wife had actually the favor of speak piggy earlier on the earlier of a warrior wherever she went. The war with the English and also other Indians diminished their numbers. In addition, a collection of epidemics to win them, the major one gift smallpox. Together the tribe died out, the is believed that those who survived the an illness may have actually later join the Seminoles.


Phalanxes of archers and also warriors, led through Timucuan chief Outina, Florida, 1565. Sculpture by Theodore de Bry, after watercolour through Jacques Le Moyne de Morgues. Native the publication by Theodore de Bry, Americae, component 2, 1591.

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at left is one page from neat little pack that functions a bunch that laminated pages, one culture to a page, that can be purchased at every the local museums (here in Florida.)