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Find each answer in ~ the bottom that the web page andwrite the letter of the exercise above it.



What walk Mrs. Claus Say throughout the Thunderstorm?

AI. Finish each statement.

CD The number formed by two rays native the very same endpoint is one _
The intersection the the two sides that an angle is called its _CD The crest of LCOD in the drawing above is allude _ The instrument used to measure angles is called a _ The straightforward unit in i beg your pardon angles space measured is the _----
LAOB has actually a measure up of 900 and also is dubbed a angle. An edge whose measure is between 00 and also 900 is an angle.(<) 2 acute angles in the number are LBOC and _

CD an angie whose measure is in between 900 and also 1800 is one angle.

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an obtuse angle in the figure is _r:

Give the measure up of each angle.




..........LXQT -l c>c> R

C> CD C> 00 C>LUQV X Q C>

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TOPIC 3-b: angle 0-26 middle SCHOOL MATH through PIZZAZZ! publication D1989 creative Publications


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