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The lifetime channel is one of the couple of channels targeted at women. Women invest an average of two and a half hours a work watching TV. Networks like life time on Cox packages make the time much more enjoyable for subscribers. The programming schedule of lifetime is emphasis tested to make it women-centric.

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Where can I find Lifetime ~ above Cox?

The lifetime network is much more than just one channel. There are two sister channels which room also component of the network. Lifetime has prospered over the years since of its unique programming. You deserve to enjoy her favorite reflects on this channel numbers:

Channel NamePhoenix, AZ (SD/HD)San Diego, CA (SD/HD)Hampton Roads, VA (SD/HD)LifetimeLifetime MoviesLRW
24 / 102438 / 10389 / 1009
131 / 1131309 / 1309209 / 1209

Also, though lifetime is the flagship of the network, there are an ext channels, like life time Movies, and also LRW.

Why can not I uncover LRW top top Cox?

LRW or Lifetime real Women is the newest enhancement to the lifetime Network. That said, it is quiet 18 years old. The channel was released in 2001. Although the channel enjoyed popularity on cableTV, it has been eliminated from Cox cable packages. However, you have the right to enjoy lifetime Movies.

The only way to gain your favourite LRW programming is through Satellite TV. The channel is also accessible on IPTVs favor Verizon FiOS and AT&T U-verse. The well-known network is appreciated in more than 10 million families in the country. The just drawback the LRW is the it is not available in HD. That is the primary reason why the channel is no longer available on the Cox cable channel guide.

What Sets lifetime Apart indigenous the Rest?

Cable TV today have hundreds that channels, yet why is that that lifetime still enjoys success ~ 35 years? In fact, life time on Cox is just one of the most renowned channels among women subscribers aged between 18 to 55. The reason is due to the fact that of its distinctive programming. The network produces few of the most exciting shows at this time on the air. Its original shows include favorites choose Witches of east End and Devious Maids.

But the network is no all original drama series. Lifetime additionally airs some acquired shows prefer How ns Met her Mother and Grey’s Anatomy. In addition to shows, the network additionally airs reality collection like Dance Moms and also Preachers’ Daughters.

In 2017 the network also acquired the same stake in the national Women’s soccer League. Due to the fact that then the network is likewise home to your favorite soccer teams. And also it airs NWSL gamings regularly. For this reason the network programming is versatile, come say the least. One point is because that sure, girlfriend won’t be able to find programming choose this on channels like HBO.

What should I Watch on life time Movies?

Not only does the network wait top-grossing films, yet it additionally produces some made-for-television movies. Therefore you deserve to expect some great selections to be on the lineup. Below are several of the movies the you can’t afford to miss out on out on:

Web that Dreams

If you aren’t a fan of V. C. Andrews, the writer of the Casteel collection of novels, you most likely will be. Net of desires is the movie adaptation that the final book in the series. And also it ultimately unlocks the mysteries the the Family. After escaping indigenous Farthinggale Manor, Leigh falls in love through Luke Casteel Sr.

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She is ultimately able come share her secrets with Luke and finds expect for her happily ever before after.

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