Fontina cheese is an particularly Italian cheese and some commercial ranges are available in bigger supermarkets. However, as you’ll know, the best versions of fontina cheese are uncovered in Italy or in delicatessens. That’s whereby I usually go if i feel choose enjoying a appropriate piece that cheese. Besides, the taste is impossible to compare. If friend can’t find fontina cheese, then there space some excellent fontina cheese substitutes. This perform of fontina cheese substitutes will give you clean guidance on how you have the right to use the appropriate fontina cheese alternatives.

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In any case, over there are various varieties come fontina cheese. Some ranges are hard, some space softer. Hence, the fontina cheese substitutes will vary as well. Enjoy!

14 fontina cheese substitutes

This post will provide you through all the information you need around 13 fontina cheese substitutes. In summary, that actually quite easy to uncover a substitute for fontina cheese due to the fact that the ingredient is fairly versatile. If friend don’t recognize what fontina cheese is and you’ve never eaten it, no worries. This short article on fontina cheese substitutes will give provide you through plenty that information about this delicious cheese.


Italian fontina cheese

As stated above, fontina cheese is a semi-soft Italian cheese. You might know it as fontina, fontal, fontella, or fontinella. Foremost, it is a cow’s milk cheese which makes it an extremely versatile and also in turn provides it easier to search for fontina cheese substitutes. Fontina cheese is available, and also produced, every year around. However, Italians and cheese specialists recognize that the ideal time for fontina cheese is throughout the summer. Do you understand why?

It’s all gained to perform with the cows and also how castle feed. Apparently, as soon as cows are moved to higher altitudes – indigenous 1,800 feet to approximately 2,300 feet – they feed on very rich grass. In essence, this grass effects the aroma and also flavour of the milk the cows produce. Because that this reason, Italians like to eat fontina cheese in the summer or in the loss when the cheese is in ~ its absolute best.

As you can have guessed, fontina cheese additionally has PDO status just like Parmesan. It additionally has a Consorzio stamp with the scripture Fontina, proving the quality the cheese. Originally, fontina cheese originates from Aosta sink in the Italian Alps. Records indicate that this cheese has actually been about since 12th century.

fontina cheese taste profile


There are two creates of fontina cheese. A younger fontina cheese through a soft and creamy texture. This cheese is an ideal for making fondue recipes. Climate there is a more aged and mature fontina cheese, which has a nutty and rich flavour. Also, because of its high fat content (45%), it also melts really well. Therefore, girlfriend can easily put the in sandwiches prefer these.

All in all, fontina cheese has actually a reasonably pungent and earthy flavour. In addition, fontina cheese is recognized as a renowned pairing with roasted meat, such as roast venison, and truffle recipes.

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If you room looking for an ext cheese substitutes, you might be interested in these:

If you desire to pair the cheese v some sausage such together andouille sausage, you have to it’s terrific idea. You have the right to also shot these andouille sausage substitutes. The same can be claimed with pairing the cheese with a hefty wine favor Madeira wine. Or try the Madeira alcohol substitutes.

why look because that fontina cheese substitutes?

The number one factor for looking for fontina cheese substitutes is that you might not have the ability to find the in consistent supermarkets. Also, as you probably noticed, this cheese is high in fat, for this reason you might want to look for a cheese with reduced calories. Lastly, some world mind that pungent aroma!