If you want to evolve her Pokémon in Pokémon GO, you"re walk to require stardust – and also an awful the majority of it. That"s fine at the beginning, once you only have actually a couple of Pokémon, but when your arsenal grows into the hundreds, you"re going to uncover it at very short supply.

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That"s why we"ve compiled this guide, to help you conference as lot stardust as feasible so girlfriend never need to stop evolving Pokémon. We"ll likewise detail Star Pieces and how to acquire them, as they"re a pretty an essential component in your quest.

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How perform I obtain stardust in Pokémon GO?

What is stardust in Pokémon GO?

You use stardust to evolve and also power up her Pokémon in Pokémon GO, i m sorry is just how you increase the complete CP (combat power). So basically, if you desire to compete in gym and also raid war at a higher level, stardust is certain essential.

How perform I acquire stardust in Pokémon GO?

You can obtain stardust in countless different methods in Pokémon GO. Below are the various techniques in bullet points:

Catching Pokémon.Hatching Pokémon.Feeding Pokémon.Daily and also weekly bonuses.Weather impact boosts.

Now you"re most likely wondering just how much stardust you get for performing each action. Well, happily for you, we"ve popped it in a handy an option of tables for you.

Stardust rewards from capturing Pokémon

Pokémon EvolutionStardust Reward

Stardust rewards from flower Pokémon

EggStardust Reward
2km400 - 800
5km800 - 1,600
10km1,600 - 3,200

Stardust rewards native the rest

ActionStardust RewardWeather effects
Feeding Pokémon20 every berry
Daily bonus600 for an initial catch per day
Weekly bonus2,400


What"s the fastest method to obtain stardust in Pokémon GO?

The most reliable and also fastest an approach is to perform what you do best: record Pokémon.

The quantity of stardust you obtain when you catch a Pokémon is figured out by the evolution. You acquire 100 for the first, 300 for the second, and also a substantial 500 for the third.

But in all likelihood, you"ll have actually a much less complicated time catching a Pokémon in its first evolution, so we recommend beginning there. Also, target greatly populated locations like city centres.

Why? So girlfriend can catch as many as possible within a quick timeframe. That means you"ll have a abundant supply the stardust at any time you need it.

What around the other approaches of collection stardust?

If you paid attention to the charts above, you might be tempted instead to flower eggs and focus top top the assorted other bonuses. That"s fair enough, their solitary reward is pretty high.

What you"re not taking right into context, is exactly how long that takes to execute those plot though. Flower an egg needs walking that details distance, and you can"t simply use berries whenever you want to.

However, you should definitely try and integrate the bonuses to maximise your everyday output. Because that example, if you have actually a ton that time on your hands, friend could shot and to walk 10km and catch as plenty of Pokémon as you have the right to along the way.

When you acquire back, you"ll get up to 3,200 stardust and however lot you regulated to gather follow me the way.

The just thing to bear in mind v this technique is the it can be counterproductive come walk in a landscape area, together you won"t come across an extremely many Pokémon. Therefore you have to take into consideration how lengthy it take away you to walk 10km matches how many Pokémon girlfriend could record in a liven area in that time.

Finally, target Pokémon that carry out the present weather result boost. Friend don"t gain showered with stardust because that doing it, but for every four very first evolution Pokémon you catch, you"ll basically get the quantity of stardust you would certainly have recorded from recording five.

What does a star piece do in Pokémon GO?

Star pieces provide a 50% boost in the amount of stardust you earn from all resources within a 30 minute period. Yes, that uses to every single source.

So ideally, you desire to use it smartly and combine as numerous different actions into that duration to maximise the output.

For example, you might wait to hatch a bunch of eggs, save your everyday bonus, and go and catch as countless monsters in ~ once throughout the 30 minutes.

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How carry out I acquire star pieces in Pokémon GO?

Unfortunately, the only method to obtain a star piece right now is to buy the from the in-game shop. We"ll allow you recognize if this ever alters though.

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