Girl Scouts welcomes every girls in qualities K–12. Girl Scout routine levels correspond to what grade you room in in ~ school. As a Girl Scout, you"ll:

Meet brand-new friends in your troop and at events. Try new things, work-related toward badges, and learn the an effective ways you deserve to take the command every solitary day. Do a difference in your community through Leadership Journeys. Hone her business skills by selling cookies. Explore nature, the outdoors, the world, and go to Girl scout summer camp. Solve concerns you care around by earning Highest Awards, advocate for girls, sign up with an influential board—your job-related may even be honored as a Young females of Distinction! And so lot more (there’s a whole people of brand-new opportunities)!

The people sparkles together you do several things for the an initial time! Every time you acquire to along with other Daisies, you’re certain to have actually an exciting, giggle-filled, adventure. Along the way, you’ll help others—and never ever forget just how that feels.

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Daisies begin with the basics—gaining brand-new friends, earning skill-building Petals and badges as you adopt the Girl enlightenment Promise and Law, exploring the outdoors—and construct upon your successes each year.

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You are all set to take on the world, and Girl Scouting allows you do simply that! you will do it learn new things and get to present off what friend know. Together a Brownie, friend can discover the world, meet brand-new people, and do something big that renders you feeling great!

You could go ~ above your very first hike in the an excellent outdoors; visit a science museum; band with each other as a mighty Brownie team to begin a cookie business—and use several of the money to assist others. You will earn Journey Awards to develop leadership an abilities and earn badges to discover science, health, art, and also more

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You are a real-life superhero who wakes increase every day prepared to pat a brand-new role! As a Girl reconnaissance Junior, you’ll team up with other supergirls—who are adjust makers, big-idea thinkers, and future leaders similar to you. 

You can be an explorer at summer camp, a CEO once you sector and sell cookies, a scientist as soon as you do energy audits, or a product designer as soon as you knife your innovation badge. You could even earn your Bronze Award, the an initial of Girl Scouts’ highest Awards.

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Making true-blue friends, saving the planet, stand up versus stereotypes, utilizing their team strength for the better good—that’s what gift a Girl reconnaissance Cadette is every about.

You deserve to blaze brand-new trails in the wilderness, write and direct your own movies, or pick up tools to do some woodworking. Earning the Girl Scout silver Awardwill show that you are an organized and also determined leader—and that you are specialized to boosting your community. You can even aid younger Girl Scouts as Youth event Assistant, mentor younger Girl Scouts, or travel the world through Girl scout Destinations.

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Learn more about what Cadettes have the right to do!

You are ready to take the world by storm—and Girl Scouts will provide you millions of methods to execute it!

As a Girl scout Senior, you will do it tackle obstacles with confidence, independence, and an essential thinking. You could explore job paths, affix with females leaders, and begin to develop your networks. That knows, you can even earn your Gold Award, walk on a wilderness pilgrimage at camp, be a Counselor-In-Training, or travel to impressive places like Costa Rica, Japan, or India!

Learn more about what Seniors have the right to do!

As a Girl reconnaissance Ambassador, fine cheer girlfriend on together you discover how to support for causes you care about, connect with like-minded young women, and also work v others make a difference in the world.

You might explore job paths, affix with females leaders, and begin to develop your networks. Who knows, you can even go on a wilderness trip at camp, it is in a Counselor-In-Training, or travel to remarkable places! you can earn your Gold Award—which (by the way) adds that “little miscellaneous extra” to her college applications!

When you leg from an Ambassador to an adult, you will do it be part of ours network of exceptional alums, be eligible for college scholarships, and also ready to take on the world!