Country music show Billy beam Cyrus stars as medical professional Clint “Doc” Cassidy who gives up the straightforward life in Montana and takes a place at Westbury Clinic, a little medical facility in brand-new York, NY, only to find that practicing his brand that down-home medication in the big Apple isn’t always easy.

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Our many recent encore airing the Doc, periods 1 – 4, has concluded together of April 15, 2015. You deserve to watch this collection on Joytv, Tuesdays at 8pm PT/11pm ET.



Friday, Mar. 27 | “Wedding Bell Blues”Clint diagnoses a young boy together obese and also tries to help him treat his condition, however the parents have actually other ideas.

Monday, Mar. 30 | “Eminent Domain”When Nancy and Clint learn her father is being required to offer his pipes business, they vow come fight city hall.

Tuesday, Mar. 31 | “The great Wall”When Clint befriends a young patient that is having challenge in school, he has difficulty himself determining if the boy’s difficulty is medical, or the result of parental pressure.

Wednesday, Apr. 1 | “Choices the the Heart”Clint do the efforts to assist a couple, pregnant through twins, cope v an agonizing decision — yet his help is no appreciated by the couple’s major doctor.


Thursday, Apr. 2 | “He Loves Me, the Loves Me Not”When Tippy’s cousin Twyla reports that her boyfriend damaged up v her, Clint and also the clinic crew shot to aid by fixing her up v Junior — but does Twyla have her eye on Clint?

Friday, Apr. 3 | “Get Me to the Church ~ above Time”Clint and Nancy shot to discover the perfect wedding gift because that Tippy and also Doss, if the bride and groom worry his father and her mom won’t gain along.

Monday, Apr. 6 | “Wake increase Call”When a patient of Clint’s comes the end of his five-year coma, the awakens not just to a brand-new world, yet a readjusted wife. Crane’s old girlfriend comes to work at the clinic and sparks fly.

Tuesday, Apr. 7 | “Blindsided”Clint watch a feasible medical trouble when Derek division his glasses. Nate and Bev take cooking classes, and also Crane to write captions for a well known photographer.

Wednesday, Apr. 8 | “Lights, Camera, Medicine”Clint and a pretty previous patient gain the clinic affiliated in ‘tele-medicine’ — using the web to assist a civilization Vision village treat health issues.


Thursday, Apr. 9 | “Nip, Tuck and Die”When a hospital security guard’s task is threatened, Clint finds self fighting the tabloids. Nate to learn a lesson indigenous a embarrassy church organist (guest star, singer Jaci Velasquez).

Friday, Apr. 10 | “Family Ties”Clint help DeWitt search for her biological mother. Nancy learn she’s associated to one of the richest households in brand-new York. And Captain Doss and also Nate begin a family tree business.

Monday, Apr. 13 | “The last Ride”Clint and also Nancy go for a ‘ride-along’ with two paramedics and find one of their patients is a dog. Once the team is compelled to take a clinical detour, Clint and also Nancy wind up in attention territory.

Tuesday, Apr. 14 | “Happy Trails”Clint make the efforts to assistance Nancy after she experience a life-changing event. Raul clashes through his teacher once he has to write a paper on even if it is “under God” should be in the pledge that allegiance.

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Wednesday, Apr. 15 | “‘Til We satisfy Again”Clint faces the decision of his lifetime, just to find it facility by the return of his old flame, and Raul’s clinical crisis.