Often, our commenters will certainly ask whether specific celebrities space gay, and it have the right to be difficult for united state to answer. While part gay celebrities and also gay actors are out and proud, others have actually remained silent around their sexuality and also past relationships, leaving us to dig about for clues around their LGBTQ identity.

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So here’s a grasp of celebs that human being ask around the most, and also our answers based upon what we know. Keep in mind: We’re no definitively comment if this celebs are gay or not, we’re just saying even if it is they’re openly gay. We’re additionally not do the efforts to the end anyone or speculate based upon superficial traits.

Let’s obtain started, chandelier we?

Is Vin Diesel gay?


No, Vin Diesel no gay. At least, it no seem so. If the activity film star is notoriously private about his personal life, it doesn’t seem choose he’s gay. Diesel is married to a woman and has three kids. He has dated bisexual actress Michelle Rodriguez in the past, though. So, sadly, we can’t encompass him ~ above a list of happy celebrities, also though he is very hunky.

Is Kevin Spacey gay?


Yes, Kevin Spacey is gay, and also he probably had the worst coming the end ever. Following years of speculation about his sexual orientation, the former House that Cards actor come out together gay top top October 2017 if apologizing for drunkenly trying come seduce gay actor Anthony Rapp in 1986 as soon as Rapp to be 14 years old and Spacey was 26. Ick.

Gay celebrities, happy actors and others conveniently criticized Spacey for linking his homosexuality come chicken-hawking. Together such, he is one of the many problematic LGBTQ celebrities ~ above this list.

Is Tyler the Creator gay?


No, Tyler the Creator isn’t publicly out as gay, yet it provides sense why people might be confused about whether he’s gay or not.

While the rapper has gotten in trouble for utilizing anti-gay slurs 200 time in his debut album, he has actually since suggested that the might be gay. The publicly proclaimed in an respectable 2017 interview the he once had actually a boyfriend once he to be 15 year old, yet days later on he claimed he to be actually single at the time. One of his song’s lyrics additionally states, “I to be kissing white boys since 2004.”

There isn’t sufficient info to incorporate him on any kind of list the LGBTQ or happy celebrities, however make the his past what girlfriend will.

Is Roxane happy gay?


Yes, Roxane gay is in reality bisexual (despite she last name). The Haitian-American writer initially come out as a lesbian, even despite she knew she was bisexual. She described that her own sexuality frightened her and she believed her attraction to men might die away as soon as she began sleeping with women. However, it reportedly didn’t.

Is john Travolta gay?


No, john Travolta has never publicly come out together gay, though happy rumors and also accusations have actually long followed the American actor. In 1991, that married actress Marie Preston and also subsequently had three children with her. Regardless, deceased actress Carrie Fisher has actually said the is gay. His occasional co-star Kirstie Alley contends that he’s not gay.

Regardless, the has worked with other gay celebrities and gay actors throughout his career.

Is Kristen Stewart gay?


Yes, Kristen Stewart is bisexual. In a February 2017 episode of Saturday Night Live, the actress defined herself as “So gay.” however in a march 2017 interview through The Guardian, Stewart established herself together bisexual.

Is Sam blacksmith gay?


Yes, Sam smith is gay. The Brit singer came out as gay in a may 2014 interview with The Fader. In the interview, smith talked around wanting to uncover someone to love him. However years before he came out, his an individual Twitter account was currently pretty darned gay. Since his comes out, that has come to be one of the many outspoken happy celebrities.

Is Justin Bieber gay?


No, Justin Bieber no gay. That briefly dated singer and actress Selena Gomez and is apparently married to Hailey Baldwin. In a June 2015 Instagram post, the Canadian-born crooner publicly post on Instagram the he isn’t gay. Despite that, he when publicly claimed himself together Jaden Smith’s boyfriend, yet it seems that was simply a joke.

Is Bruno Mars gay?


No, Bruno Mars no gay, as much as we know. A poor 2012 April fools joke seems to have actually perpetuated the rumor the he could be gay, but his publicists have actually denied it. Rumor has actually it the he’s date American model Jessica Caban. That’s too bad. Wednesday love to incorporate the talented singer on our list of happy celebrities.

Is Todd Chrisley gay?


No, Todd Chrisley isn’t gay. Return the Georgia actual estate mogul has defined himself together “proudly flamboyant unabashedly enthusiastic about fashion,” he is also married come a woman and also has five kids. Since of his dramatic mannerisms and also passionate self-expression, he has had to continuously deny gay rumors. Yet while he no LGBTQ-identified, he is still fun to watch on TV.

Is Cameron Monaghan gay?


No, Cameron Monaghan isn’t gay. Monaghan play an openly gay character called Ian Gallagher in the comedic Showtime drama Shameless. Yet in a 2013 Twitter chat through a fan, Monaghan apparently stated, “No, I’m not gay. Yes, ns play a gay character. No, the question should not be relevant.” Monaghan has operated with LGBTQ and gay actors though. He starred as a Joker-style personality alongside out actor Cory Michael smith in the superhero drama series Gotham.

Is Frank s gay?


Yes, Frank s is queer, despite it’s unclear how he personal self-identifies. While he has actually never applied either the “gay” or “bisexual” brand onto himself, in a July 4, 2012 Tumblr post, the rapper wrote about falling in love with an additional man at period 19. Soon after posting the message, he apparently cried in gratitude that his newfound happiness and also openness. Thus, us would contact him LGBTQ or among our favourite gay celebrities.

Is Shawn Mendes gay?


No, Shawn Mendes isn’t gay. Although someone hacked the Canadian-born singer’s Twitter account to write-up a comes out blog post in respectable 2017, he later on posted a video clip stating the no, that is not in truth gay. In a November 2018 interview, he stated he has actually felt a the majority of pressure come “prove” the he is straight, a press that that worried could drive some closeted LGBTQ artist to suicide.

Is Jaden blacksmith gay?


No, Jaden Smith no gay. Though Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith’s child is well-known for his gender-fluid and neutral fashions, it appears as if he’s mostly dated women. He once dated version Sarah Snyder and after they damaged up, a young woman called Odessa Adlon. The always feasible that he could one day identify as LGBTQ, however for now, he doesn’t belongs ~ above a perform of happy celebrities.

Is David Muir gay?


No, David Muir no gay. At least, it’s unclear whether the well-paid TV journalist is happy or not. For a while, human being speculated end Muir’s sexuality after the attended a happy bar with openly gay journalist Gio Benitez. But then Benitez obtained married come his boyfriend, Tommy DiDario, leaving Muir’s sexuality unknown. Muir has actually never been married, has never publicly determined as LGBTQ, nor has actually he ever publicly dated a woman, however that’s all us know.

Is Ryan Seacrest gay?


No, Ryan Seacrest isn’t gay. And there’s lot of of proof to suggest that the American Idol TV hold most likely is straight. He has actually previously dated expert dancer Julianne Hough, model Shana wall and actress Teri Hatcher. Nevertheless, Hough thought he was happy prior to they started dating.

While he isn’t LGBTQ, his American Idol co-host Simon Cowell made recurring insinuations the Seacrest was covertly gay. It is additionally said the Seacrest will to “homophobic innuendo and lascivious comments around female celebrities” on his podcast series On Air v Ryan Seacrest.

Is James Franco gay?


No, James Franco no gay, in spite of being an artsy queerbaiter. However, he has previously said, “I choose to think that I’m happy in my art and straight in mine life.” adding to his heterosexual cred, he has dated actresses Marla Sokoloff and also Ahna O’Reilly. Nevertheless, the has additionally been connected in lot of of happy art movies including Milk, I am Michael, King Cobra, and also Interior. Leather Bar.

Some world have criticized Franco and also other heterosexual actors for taking gay and also LGBTQ functions that they feel must be play by happy actors.

Is Zac Efron gay?


No, Zac Efron no gay. The hunky box-office heartthrob has actually previously dated actress Vanessa Hudgens and also model Sami Miró. Regardless of that, happy rumors have adhered to him due to the fact that early in his career, perhaps in component to his power in musicals. In a September 2012 interview, he has actually said yes sir nothing wrong v being happy and added that he had gay role models cultivation up.

Even though you won’t find him on any list of gay celebrities or happy actors, the still retains many enthusiastic LGBTQ fans.

Is Luke Evans gay?


Yes, Luke Evans is open gay and also is one of the few openly gay celebrities starring in significant film duties today. Though the actor initially come out together gay in 2002, he climate suddenly seemed to go earlier in the closet in 2010, just as he began starring in major mainstream movies.

Evans has because clarified that he doesn’t choose to talk about his sexuality much in the press, yet that he no hiding either. He has added that it’s necessary for human being to watch him together one of numerous gay actors life a full, happy life together his full self.

Is Milo Yiannopoulous gay?


Yes, Milo Yiannopoulos is gay. Unfortunately, this toxic alt-right douchebag is one of the many visible happy celebrities in current memory, and mostly for bad reasons. The married his husband in September 2017. Yet he has become a rogue to both left-leaning happy people and conservative right-wingers that were shocked through his comments seeming to encourage pedophilia. The is likewise friends v gay right-winger Chadwick Moore.

Is Anderson Cooper gay?


Yes, Anderson Cooper is gay. ~ a small stint living in the glass closet, CNN anchor Cooper finally came the end in July 2012. Cooper claims he originally refused come come the end to maintain an individual privacy in his work as a publicly journalist. However he came out due to the fact that he didn’t want civilization to think he was hiding something. He says his gayness doesn’t affect his objectivity together a journalist. As one of the most visible happy celebrities on tendency TV, the wields affect over LGBTQ and straight news-hounds alike.

Is Eminem gay?


No, Eminem isn’t gay, also though he as soon as said the looks for days on Grindr. (His publicist swears he to be kidding.) The rapper was twice married to Kimberly ann Scott and has supplied homophobic slurs in his work. However, he is additionally “close friends” with among the most famous gay celebrities of all time: happy pop star Elton John.

Is Kenny Chesney gay?


No, Kenney Chesney isn’t gay. Rumors around the country star’s alleged gayness began after pouty-faced actress Renee Zellweger divorce him for “fraud” barely four months after castle tied the knot. But Chesney’s publicist has said Chesney is “unequivocally no gay.” he’s still hunky though.

Is Queen Latifah gay?


No, Queen Latifah no gay, through which we average she has actually never publicly come out as gay. We have included Queen Latifah in our list of pop stars who need to come out, however she has actually never publicly self-identified as gay, lesbian or bisexual. Nevertheless, credible lesbian rumors continue to follow her. In the past, she has played bisexual blues singer Bessie blacksmith and talked out for marital relationship equality.

So when she’s an extremely queer, don’t add her to your list of gay celebrities or gay actors just yet.

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Lastly… is Mike Pence gay?


No, Mike Pence isn’y gay. In fact, we’d say it’s extremely unlikely that Trump’s Vice chairman is also remotely gay, also though a extensively circulated November 2016 photo purported to show a younger variation of himself bearing his abs at a happy bar. (The picture turned the end to be a Pence-esque happy adult film performer Brad Patton.)

It’s additionally rumored that Pence once credited ex-gay conversion therapy for saving his marriage, yet that as well was a hoax. Weirdly, it’s completely true that Pence’s mam doesn’t allow him to spend any type of time alone v women. That’s not gay, however it is quite queer.