Adding a 10s unit to her inducing program is a an excellent way to see quicker results. We reviewed a variety of TENS devices to assist you decision on the best TENS units for stimulating lactation.

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The much more regularly you deserve to stimulate her breasts the quicker your body becomes offered to the idea that it have to be make milk. This, in turn, will cause your human body to ‘wake up’ the milk-making mechanisms in the breast.

Comfort and also ease of use are necessary things to think about when purchase a tens unit. Us reviewed a variety of units, assessing them on various points, such as, comfort, selection of settings, easily replaceable/available electrodes, and also battery life.

PRO TIP: come get much more life the end of your electrode pads, clean your skin with alcohol prior to you use the pads. As soon as they start to shed their stickiness, wet your finger and also rub water ~ above the sticky side of the pad – allow dry. This will revive the difficult on the pads and you can continue to usage them. The best part is you can keep doing this till it simply doesn’t revive lock anymore. I’ve to be able to store the same collection of pads for numerous months prior to they quit being usable.

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AccuRelief Mini TENS

I LOVE THIS TENS! I have actually 2 bag of these and they room so simple to use.

They room compact and are conveniently hidden in her bra (need padded bra for best hideability). There room no extra wires that you need to deal with and each unit runs for months ~ above a conventional CR2032 button battery. (You deserve to buy the battery cheap in ~ the dollar save too!)

They use a snap range of electrode pad, and each one of these little units is a single channel so girlfriend will need to buy two, but they are very inexpensive.

If you space visiting from outside the US, the link might not take you to the correct TENS. Use the search bar in ~ the top to find for AccuRelief Wireless – that’s the one you want!

Famidoc TENS and EMS Combo Unit twin Channel

This little TENS has a rounded design, and is small – measuring about 3.5″ x 1.75″. It is also really light.

I’m likewise in love with this small unit. I had the ability to tuck it in the sideband of mine bra, and also it was very easy to hide by tucking it into the waist of mine underwear.

It’s dual channel, and has a nice range of pulse settings.

Rechargable batteries strength this little guy and also will keep it running for numerous months of continual use.

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It unit provides snap on electrode pads that have the right to be discovered at many drug shop or online.

Have friend used any kind of of these 10s units? possibly you have a story come share or a question around using a TENS? Please leave a comment below!