there is a dispute I"m having actually with someone end whether something can just it is in aesthetic.

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Such as:

"The dog is aesthetic.""The civilization is aesthetic.""That tree is aesthetic."

It"s beginning to sound a little much more correct together I read it however it sounds so incorrect.


The word have the right to be used as an adjective; because that example, "The dog has actually aesthetic appeal". And it can additionally be a noun, together in, "The dog adheres to its breed"s aesthetic". However as an adjective in "The dog is aesthetic", it is no idiomatically correct.

I"m not certain what the general dominance at pat is, however it"s English so there might not even be a basic rule!


Technically, you can say those things."The dog is aesthetic." "The civilization is aestheitc." "That tree is aesthetic." there is naught wrong v these sentences.

The correct intake of words aesthitic lies in what you typical to speak by it.

Like Colleen V said, words aesthetic is no a synonym of the word "beautiful" i beg your pardon is the actual state of having actually or being taken into consideration to have actually beauty.Instead it way "relating to, or came to with beauty, emotions, and also the senses" (Source).

Keeping this in mind, there"s only two ways that this word has actually been watched to be supplied in mine experience, once being supplied as a descriptor for a noun:

The noun is something which is intended to inspire, or capable of motivating thoughts regarded beauty.The noun is a living being qualified of comprehending principles related come beauty.

Now, if we apply these 2 rules to the 2nd example friend mentioned,

The people is aesthetic.

You might mean:

The people is one aesthetic place.

Meaning the place itself or the things that the place is composed of, are capable of inducing thoughts relating to beauty.

Or assuming that by "the world" you typical "all us in the world", you can mean:

The us of this people are aesthetic ones.

Meaning that they are capable of considering, or choose to consider ideas related to beauty.

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Now, depending upon what your opinions are, and what you are trying come convey by using the word aesthetic, the various other two sentences can also be correct. Nevertheless, the is crucial to it is in clear around what one is trying come say, therefore if these sentences were to be truly "correct", they would certainly use various other words to define how the word aesthetic applies in those certain cases. Favor the method demonstrated over when the second sentence was offered as an example.