As ns rode right into Tombstone on my horse, his surname was Mack,I observed what I"ll relate to you going on behind mine back.It appears the folks were up in arms, a man now had to dieFor believing points that didn"t fit the legislations they"d set aside.The man"s surname was Ima Freak, the ideal that I might see.He was the executioner, a hangman as with me.I guess the he"d viewed loopholes indigenous working v his rope.He"d hung the not correct man numerous times, so now he"d turned to hope.He speak to every the world from his scaffold in the square.He told them of the points he"d found, but they didn"t seem come care.He said the regulations were obsolete, a readjust they need to demand,But the civilization only go away. He couldn"t understand.The marshall"s name was Uncle Sam. He claimed he"d right this wrong.He"d make the hangman shut his mouth if it take it him every day long.He finally arrested Freak and also then he sent for meTo hang a fellow hangman from a other hangman"s tree.It didn"t take it them long to shot him in their court the law.He to be guilty climate of thinking, a crime much worse 보다 all.They sentenced him to die, therefore his seed of assumed can"t spreadAnd epidemic the little children. That"s what the law had actually said.So the hanging day came "round and also he walked as much as the noose.I traction the lever, but, prior to he fell, I cut him loose.They called it every conspiracy and also that I had actually to die,So, to close ours mouths and also kill our minds, castle hung us side by side.And now we"re two Hangmen hanging from a tree.That don"t bother me at all.Two hangmen hanging native a tree.That don"t bother me in ~ all.Two hangmen hanging native a tree.That don"t stroked nerves me at all.Two hangmen hanging native a tree.That don"t stroked nerves me at all.Two hangmen hanging native a treeOn both sides of Jesus.That don"t bother me, the don"t bother me, in ~ all.Yeah, sing it.Two hangmen hanging indigenous a tree.You gotta cave around.That don"t bother me in ~ all.You gotta hang around,Hanging from a tree now.Two hangmen hanging indigenous a tree.That don"t bother me in ~ all.Two hangmen hanging indigenous a tree.That don"t bother me at all.

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