WWE legend Triple H has actually been fortunate enough throughout his job to have great entrance music. Not just are the song great, but the intros come the songs give the pan an instant sign that he is coming.

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Whether that walked out to the vocals the Lemmy Kilmister from Motorhead or kris Warren, Triple H constantly had the good cool songs of the WWE.

Here is a strength ranking that his five best entrance songs.

King of majesties was provided by Triple H starting in 2006. It was usually used as a prelude or because that promos, so it was not a song that to be heard really often.

It is just one of the 3 songs that Motorhead provided for Triple H or a group that Triple H was in. The guitar and bass riffs in the track are fantastic, as are the lyrics howled by Lemmy Kilmister. 

Used during his time in the steady Evolution, this is an additional instance the a an excellent wrestling song composed through Motorhead.

This song has actually the feeling of a heel faction, which development was taken into consideration as for many of that is run. The lyrics are masterful, and also the instrumental makes the tune as good as it could possibly be.

Used during his operation in DX, "Break the Down" will certainly go down in history as among the best, many recognizable enntrance gate themes for any type of stable in wrestling.

The tune really has actually an "Attitude Era" feeling to it. The symbolizes the anti-establishment thoughts the DX generated and portrayed top top audiences.

Seeing DX at Raw 1000 was a site for sore eyes, and hearing this tune really carried many world back.

Probably the forget of the bunch and also one of the many underrated entrance songs of every time, "My Time" is one more one of those "Attitude Era"-sounding songs.

Chris Warren go a lot of work v the WWE, including the vocals that he did because that the DX layout song. His voice to be unique and also made the songs the he noted the WWE quite listenable.

Was there any kind of doubt here?

The many recognizable of every one of Triple H"s songs is certainly "The Game" by—you guessed it—Motorhead. Not only is the the most recognizable because he has used it for so long, the is a great song. 

The distorted guitars and pace that the track in general make that perfect because that Triple H. He is "The Cerebral Assassin," and this tune really gets right into your head.

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