T. Coraghessan Boyle’s “On top of the Food Chain” is an ext than just a narration of a selfish person’s mistakes. The narrator’s tone is a literary aspect used to show man’s indifference for organisms that space of no immediate benefit or are a nuisance to them. _”The point was, we had actually a small problem v the insects…”_ The narrator’s tone in “Top that the Food Chain” is quickly displayed as self-centered in functioning for his comforts and indifferent come the destruction his options make on the environment.

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Humans think that we have the right to solve everything that is placed upon us, however there is constantly a catch. In this story, mommy Nature proves united state that she can always be front of just how humans consciousness things.

From the very an initial sentence, the narrator is illustrated as a self-serving person. In charge of a group bringing health treatment to a third-world village, his selections to enhance the stays of the villagers lead to wreaking chaos ~ above the local food chain.


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The improvements start by poisoning the flies. Once the geckos the feed turn off of these flies die due to starvation, the cat population also diminishes. Once the cats space gone, the rat populace is left unregulated and also is allowed to spread condition to the humans and ruin their crops.

The narrator’s condescending tone in the direction of these terrible events is the most far-ranging factor that Boyle provides to build his theme. The narrator assumes that is in ~ the top of the food chain, and also he has no problem killing off the smaller species.

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However, the narrator is too indifferent to realize the by hurting the reduced members that the food chain, he has hurt himself. This is what mirrors the true irony in the story. The narrator walk something the he believes is an excellent for him, however instead it end up being totally the the opposite of it.

The story mirrors that humans have the right to do non ethical things, without thinking well of the results and the result it is going to have actually on others. “Top of the Food Chain” is ironic due to the fact that Mother Nature got ago at every one of the selfishness the was shown in the story. An international Warming is a an excellent example of just how nature can get back to humans because of our own selfish actions. Human tasks contribute to climate change by causing alters in Earth’s setting in the quantities of greenhouse gases, aerosols (small particles), and cloudiness. The largest known contribution originates from the burning of fossil fuels, i beg your pardon releases carbon dioxide gas to the atmosphere. The release of carbon dioxide loss the atmosphere, which reason drastic alters in the climate.

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However, his tone adhering to the serious circumstances that played out in the story implies that he merely does not care about anything other then what he wants. The narrator’s arrogance and belief the he deserve to do what ever before he desires without hurting himself reflects his idea that he is top of the Food Chain. Unfortunately, he learns the hard way that his selfish actions revolve around and hurt him in the end, which end up gift ironic. T. Coraghessan Boyle demonstrated united state that nature can constantly get ago to humans in spite of of whatever we do; selfish or unselfish.

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