The TDC sensor is situated behind the time belt covers. You'll need to basically execute a time belt job to replace it, correct the password is P1361, and the various other code is P0401, yet I recognize that, the is because that the inspect engine light.

The crankshaft sensor is behind the timing cover under at the crankshaft here are diagrams and also instructions on how to change it. Examine out the diagrams (Below). Please let us recognize if you need anything else to acquire the difficulty fixed.



make the efforts to watch where the TDC sensor is located? Trying to change the TDC sensor yet not sure where its located, have the right to you assist me v this. Is this daunting to get too? Is this component expense come replace, can I much a supplied one, will that make a difference?
The TDC sensor is located behind the time belt covers. You"ll have to basically execute a timing belt job to replace it. Why execute you think the is bad? are you getting a problem code? If so, what code space you getting?
The engine inspect light on my car came on, the code states its the cranck position sensor ( poor or faulty connection ). My inquiry is where do I uncover the connections for this sensor on this car? can you provide me any kind of info prefer location and also color codes because that this wires? Tank you.Regards.
i don"t have actually the color of the wires, however it is located on the lower front part of the engine close to the crank pulley. Usually it"s a magnetic sensor that reads the exciter ~ above the crank.
you will have to take off the belts come the crank wheel or harmonic balancer. Then take turn off the pulley. The bolt comes turn off much simpler with an impact wrench. Then you should take off the timing belt cover. After ~ going to every this occupational I would change the timing belt while ns am in there. The sensor is situated right next to the crankshaft. It will certainly probably have actually two sensors on it yet they room wired together and also replaced together a single unit.
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