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Looking because that a method to track and manage your database objects? The navigating Pane is the main way you view and accessibility all your database objects and also it display screens on the left side of the Access window by default.

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Note The navigation Pane can be customized in a range of ways. For more information, watch Customize the navigation Pane.

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Common tasks

You can change the appearance of the navigation Pane and also work through database objects in the following ways:


Do this

Open and also close the navigation Pane

Click the Shutter Bar Open/Close Button

or push F11.

If F11 doesn’t work, do sure role keys (Fn) are permitted on your laptop device. Also, the F11 crucial is a Special crucial and it might be disabled in your accessibility database. If the navigation Pane is not visible, it may be turned turn off in your access database. For more information, see collection user alternatives for the existing database.

Change the width of the navigating Pane

Position the guideline over the right edge the the navigation Pane and also then, when it changes to a double-sided arrowhead

, drag the leaf to rise or decrease the width.

If friend can"t readjust the width, check out The accessibility Navigation pane is also narrow, and I can not widen it.

Open one object

By default, double-click the object.

You can readjust this to single click in the Navigation Options dialog box. For much more information, see Navigation alternatives dialog box.

Do other commands, such as open an item in architecture view

Right-click the object.

If the right-click food selection of the navigating Pane doesn"t work, it may be disabled in your accessibility database. For more information, see set user alternatives for the current database.

Note The navigating Pane is not obtainable in an accessibility web app or net database as soon as viewed in a browser. Return you have the right to use the navigating Pane in an access web app opened in Access, you can only display, hide, sort, and search for database objects.

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Select a predefined classification

When you develop a new database, the group displayed through default is Tables and also Related Views, and the team is All Tables. When you pick a category, the items are arranged right into the teams that the group contains. For example, once you pick Object Type, you check out all the database objects grouped by the form of object. In addition, accessibility provides two more predefined categories based upon when the objects were created or modified

To screen the Navigate To category menu, click the title bar that the navigation Pane.


Each predefined category also includes a worldwide group that includes all the objects in the database. You can conveniently locate the worldwide group because that a group by searching for the native All in former of the team name. For example, if you select the Tables and also Related Views category, the an international group is referred to as All Tables.

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Filter by a group

You might want to show only a subset the database objects to help focus your attention.

To display screen the Filter by Group menu, click the title bar that the navigating Pane.


Select a group.

By default, accessibility displays Tables, Queries, Forms, and also Reports. You may also see Macros, Modules, and custom teams if any kind of are defined in the database.

To eliminate the group filter, select All access Objects.

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Sort objects

By default, access sorts the objects in the navigation Pane through object type in ascending alphabetical order, but you can readjust the sorting to suit your demands by doing the following:

Right-click the height of the navigation Pane to display the shortcut menu, and then execute the following:

To readjust the type order, point to Sort By and also then select a sorting option.

To kind manually and also customize the display order, click Sort By, and then click Remove automatically Sorts.

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Find objects in a database

While you kind text in the Search box, access searches within the group for any kind of groups that contain an object or object faster way that matches your find term. Any groups the don"t save a enhance are collapsed.

Access searches because that objects only in the categories and also groups that are currently displayed in the navigating Pane. To search the entirety database because that a certain object, choose one that the predefined categories in the navigation Pane, such as Tables and Related Views or Object Type. This help make sure that every the teams are clearly shows in the navigation Pane.

If the Search box is not already visible at the top of the navigating Pane, right-click the food selection bar in ~ the top of the navigation Pane, and then click Search Bar.

Type one of two people a component or the complete name of the thing or shortcut in the Search Bar box.


While you kind characters, access searches and eliminates any group headings that don"t contain a match.

To perform an additional search, click Clear search String

or press BACKSPACE come delete characters, and also then kind the brand-new text because that which you desire to search.

When you clear the Search Bar box, the navigation Pane again screens all accessible objects.

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Change just how objects space displayed

You can choose the means in which the objects in the database are presented in the navigating Pane. Because that example, you can encompass the production or modified dates, or display screen objects as icons or lists. To specify exactly how objects room displayed, perform the following:

Right-click the optimal of the navigation Pane to display the faster way menu, and then do any one that the following:

To adjust how the objects space displayed, allude to View By, and also then click either Details, Icon, or List. You may need to widen the navigation Pane to see all the information.

To view all the teams in the database, click Show all groups.

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Hide and unhide objects and groups

Hiding an item or group can be a better option than deleting it as soon as the thing or team is not supplied or you want to restrict access to it. Hiding an object does not adjust the database, vice versa, deleting things or group (even if it shows up to be a duplicate) deserve to break part or all of the usability of the database.

To hide things or group

To hide one object, right-click the object, and also then click Hide in this Group.

To hide whole group, right-click the group, and also then click Hide.

To hide dimmed objects or groups

Right-click the menu bar at the peak of the navigating Pane, and then click Navigation Options.

In the Navigation Options dialog box, clear the Show surprise Objects examine box, and then click OK.

To screen hidden objects or groups

The following procedure does not, by itself, provide accessibility to the objects.

Right-click the menu bar in ~ the optimal of the navigation Pane, and then click Navigation Options.

In the Navigation Options dialog box, pick the Show surprise Objects check box, and also then click OK.

To allow dimmed objects or groups

The following procedure enables access to objects.

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To permit an object, right-click the object, and then click Unhide in this Group.