What room some examples of social course prejudices in To kill a Mockingbird? Please offer at least 3 examples.

Some examples of social course prejudices in To death a Mockingbird include the way in i beg your pardon Jem groups civilization into four groups in thing 23. Additionally, the character of Dolphus Raymond, that defies the norms of his course as a white male from an developed family, displayed the social class prejudices in Maycomb. He has actually to produce an outward photo that accounts because that his rejection of his class.

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Maycomb is a strictly segregated and also hierarchical world. In ~ its white community, white people are divided in between those with proud family members heritages and those without. The Finches, because that example, have actually an illustrious previous that goes earlier to before the polite War. Aunt Alexandra, knowing the value of family as a...

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Maycomb is a strict segregated and also hierarchical world. Within its white community, white civilization are divided between those v proud household heritages and also those without. The Finches, because that example, have actually an illustrious previous that goes ago to prior to the polite War. Aunt Alexandra, discovering the value of household as a social playing card, is appalled the Atticus has actually not taught Jem and Scout to have actually pride in your ancestors, bring about several comic episodes. Mrs. Dubose understands this class difference as well. A Finch would not, because that example, end up wait tables, as Mrs. Dubose thinks Scout will certainly if she doesn"t transforms her ways:

You must be in a dress and camisole, young lady! You’ll grow up waiting on tables if somebody doesn’t adjust your ways—a Finch wait on tables in ~ the O.K. Cafe—hah!

While white people draw together as a premium class and race come Black human being in the racialism social power structure of the time, "white trash" family members are really low top top the totem pole and end increase shunned and isolated by various other white people. This is what wake up to the Ewells, leading the lonely and also friendless Mayella to cross gyeongju lines and reach the end to Tom Robinson.

The poor but respectable Cunninghams are an additional example of course distinctions amongst white people. Atticus is ready to extend to Walter a place at the Finch dinner table and treat him with courtesy, but Aunt Alexandra refuses to have him over for a meal due to the fact that she thinks the he will be a negative influence ~ above Scout. Scout, when in only the an initial grade, shows exactly how she has actually internalized course distinctions when she criticizes Walter for pouring molasses on his food.

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Black and white people in Maycomb are split by race, however Black people likewise have class distinctions in ~ their own ranks. Calpurnia, because that example, as Scout discovers once she and also Jem go v her to very first Purchase Church, is a high-status person in her community since she have the right to read.