Roofing Shingle Review: GAF Timberline HD architecture Laminate/Composite Shingle

As a roofing firm Chase construction NW, Inc. Has been giving some that the best roofing services in the Northwest because that over a decade, with 20 years experience. In those twenty years we have actually installed practically every kind of roofing from practically every manufacturer. We have actually seen commodities come and also go, and others was standing the check of time. As a brand-new resource to consumers looking for information top top roofing and its application we are beginning a brand-new series in our roofing blog dubbed Certified Roofing Contractor Review. In this series we will certainly share commodities that we feel in our experienced opinion room the best roofing assets to use.

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Today ns would choose to testimonial GAF’s Timberline HD architectural laminate roofing shingle. We have been installation GAF shingles because that over 15 year so I think our input need to be of some worth to you.

A couple of facts around the GAF Timberline HD roofing shingle:

The Timberline shingle is Americas lengthy standing # 1 marketing shingle.

In 2011 GAF make advance technological changes to their roofing matt allowing them to market the new minimal Lifetime warranties. You have the right to learn an ext about these changes by the town hall “Chasing The Dream” and also “Extreme Shingle Testing”. This changed the market and also made the 30, 40 and also 50 year options obsolete. All various other roofing manufacturers make the shift to minimal life time also, but made no alters to their mats. This renders our to trust in the Timberline HD shingle even stronger.

The GAF brand and also Timberline HD shingle space backed independently by the good Housekeeping seal of approval. This is not straightforward industry backing proof to achieve, furthering the quality and also credibility that the Timberline shingle.

With the brand-new matt on the Timberline roofing shingle, GAF was able to lighten the load per roofing square from 240 lbs to 220lbs. This is great for the roofing installers as its simpler on your bodies. However, the diminished shingle load has additionally become a point of conflict in the roofing industry. Countless of the various other top shingle brand such as CertainTeed, Owens Corning and also IKO have criticized the decreased weight the the Timberline Shingle. GAF’s an answer to this criticism is their fit vs fat campaign. GAF has proven the durability of their brand-new advance matt modern technology through excessive testing, and also left their competitors with no real substantial capacity to discredit the sectors leading Timberline HD shingle.

We extremely recommend the Timberline HD shingle. Right here are a couple of more cartridge points because that the Timberline shingles:


The GAF shingle has actually a 4.8 the end of 5 star consumer rating, almost perfect. This is based on 2,748 reviews.

Class A fire rating.

110 mph wind rating, can upgrade come 130 mph wind rating v a 6 nail application.

GAF has been roughly for end 100 years, an interpretation they will certainly be approximately to earlier up your warranties.

GAF supplies the greatest warranties top top their finish roofing systems if mounted by a certified contractor.

The GAF shingle has actually a 4.8 out of 5 star customer rating, nearly perfect. This is based upon 2,748 reviews.

Check out the many color options!


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