Here\"s indigenous Hamlet, action 1, scene 2(The Arden Shakespeare edited through Harold Jenkins).

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Thrift, thrift, Horatio. The funeral bak\"d meats

Did cold furnish forth the marital relationship tables.

Jenkins construed \"bak\"d meats\" as meat pies.I wonder why it couldn\"t be, for example, roasted chickens.



Baked for Shakespeare would have meant cooked in one oven, and also meat to be not limited to flesh yet included any type of food.

Chickens, however, would probably have been roasted: cooking on a spit end an open up flame.

Meats (in the modern sense) were normally baked in a pastry covering of part sort, however again this did not have quite the feeling of the contemporary pie: frequently the pastry served just as a container and also was no eaten.


This line need to not be translated literally. The \"funeral bak\"d meats\" is referring to Hamlet\"s an extremely recently deceased father who barely cold remains \"coldly furnish forth\" (laid the table for) the chance for his uncle to marry his mother. Remember the Hamlet is dislike by the marriage ensuing so soon, therefore his language is a little bit vitriolic.


According to the following source bak\"d meats means generally meat ready by baking, but in the usual usage of our ancestors that refers more usually come a meat pie or perhaps any kind of other sort of pie.

\"meat dressed by the oven\" Dr. Johnson

Source: A Glossary: Or, repertoire of Words, Phrases, Names, in the works of Shakespeare and his Contemporaries. Through Robert Nares

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