Do friend know how to to speak "those"or "that"in Let's demonstrative adjectives. However, prior to doing that, let's start this lesson with an important definition.

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What Is a Demonstrative Adjective?

Adjectives describe and modifynouns.We usage demonstrative adjective to determinewhich human being orobject, for example, we room referring to, acquisition its street withrespect come the speaker and/or listener right into account.Let's very first review ouroptions in English:

- near the speaker: "this" and also "these."

- close to the listener OR far from both the speaker and also the listener: "that" and "those."

The gender Factor and Greater number of Demonstrative adjectives in

While there space only four demonstrative adjective in English, girlfriend will an alert that there room many more in (twelve to be exact!). Why is that?One factor is that, since nouns in have a gender,demonstrative adjectives in space not only singular and plural butmasculine and also feminine as well.

In addition, hastwo different sets the demonstrative adjective to differentiate in between nounsthat space close to the listener vs. Nouns the are much from both the speaker and listener (roughly equivalent to the English concept of "over there" quite than simply "there").

Let's takea closer look at atthe demonstrative adjective in, usingM to indicate"masculine"and F to indicate"feminine":

- close to the speaker: "this" (M: este, F: esta) and "these" (M: estos, F: estas).

- close to the listener: "that" (M: ese, F: esa) and "those" (M: esos, F: esas).

- far from both the speaker and the listener: "that" (over there)(M: aquel, F: aquella) and "those" (over there)(M: aquellos, F: aquellas).

It is precious noting that, in enhancement to indicating further physical distance,aquel/aquella/aquellos/aquellascan also refer to metaphorical distance such as days or events in the future or past.

How to express Demonstrative adjective in

Now that we know the demonstrative adjective in, it'stime to look atsome examples. Let's watchand listen to the complying with clips:

Near the speaker:este, esta, estos, estas

Me gusta mucho este parque.

I really choose this park.

Caption 9, Conversaciones en el parque - Cap. 5: Me gusta mucho este parque.

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Esta mochila es de Lucas.

This backpack is Lucas'.

Caption 59, Conversaciones en el parque - Cap. 3: ¿De quién es esta mochila?

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En la noche, utilizaremos estos vasos bajos para servir licor.

At night, we'll use these brief glasses to serve liquor.

Caption 20, Ana Carolina - El comedor

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Estas cintas son las que estamos sacando recientemente;

Theseribbons are the ones the we space coming out through recently;

son nuevos diseños.

they are new designs.

Caption 19, Comercio - Camisas tradicionales

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Near the listener: ese, esa, esos, esas

Oiga y ese carro, esa belleza ¿de dónde la sacó, hermano, ah?

Hey and also that car, that beauty, wherein did you get it, brother, huh?

Caption 43, Confidencial:El rey de la estafa - Capítulo 1

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¿Y esos otros tatuajes que tienes aquí, de qué son?

And those other tattoos you have actually here, what room they of?

Caption 67, Adícora, Venezuela - El tatuaje de Rosana

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Mire, Rubio, yo necesito que usted

Look, Rubio, I require you

le ponga vigilancia inmediata a esas dos mujeres, hermano.

to placed those 2 women under immediate surveillance, brother.

Caption 52, Confidencial:El rey de la estafa - Capítulo 4

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Far from both the speaker and also the listener: aquel, aquella, aquellos, aquellas

La terminación del piso sería, en el futuro, de roca...

The last part of the floor would be, in the future, made the end of rock...

de roca rústrica a propósito traída de aquel cerro que está allá.

out the rustic rock brought specifically indigenous that hill over there.

Captions 22-23, Edificio en Construcción - Hablando con los trabajadores

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Esas cifras ya nos dicen

Those numbers tell us

queaquellascivilizaciones prehistóricas

thatthoseprehistoric civilizations

ya sabían mucho de cálculo.

already knew a lot about calculus.

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Captions 27-29,Rosa - Los dólmenes de Antequera

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Sería, "Aquellos coches kid de mi padre"

Would be, "Thosecars are my father's"

o "Aquellas casas boy de mi madre".

or "Those houses are my mother's."

Captions 35-36, Lecciones con Carolina - Adjetivos demostrativos

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Keep in mind, however, that in much less, we tend to use ese, esa, esos, and also esasmuch morethanaquel, aquella, aquellos, aquellas.

That's allfor today. Althoughthere space many an ext demonstrative adjectives in 보다 in English, finding out to usage them is reasonably simple. We hope you delighted in this lesson,and don't forget to send united state your comments and suggestions. ¡Hasta la próxima!