This is whoever will be reading or listening to a piece of work/speech.

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Author's PurposeThis is the reason for producing written work.
BibliographyThis is a perform of written works or other sources ~ above a specific subject.
Chronological OrderThis is the setup of events in the stimulate in which castle occur.
CoherenceThis is writing that expresses principles in a clear, reasonable way, wherein reasonable explanations are provided or have the right to be deduced by the leader from inference.
ConclusionThis wraps increase a piece of writing and also reminds reader of the thesis.
ConventionsIn writing, this is the trait to measure traditional writing and the editing processes of spelling, punctuation, grammar, capitalization, and paraphrasing.
DiaryThis is a day-to-day written record of (usually personal) experiences and observations.
DictionaryThis is a reference book containing an alphabetical perform of words, through information given for every word, usually consisting of meaning, pronunciation, and etymology.
DraftThis is a preliminary variation of a piece of writing.
EditThis is to correct and/or review a item of writing.
EncyclopediaThis is a substantial reference job-related containing articles on a wide variety of subjects or ~ above numerous elements of a specific field, generally arranged alphabetically.
IntroductionThis is the start of a written occupational that describes what will be discovered in the main part.
JournalThis is a everyday autobiographical account of occasions and an individual reactions.
LetterThis is a written interaction or post addressed come a leader or readers the is usually sent out by mail.
MemoThis is an informal an approach of composed communication, frequently used in company settings.
Narrative TextThis tells the events and also actions the a story.
ParagraphThis is a section in a item of composing that discusses a specific point or topic. It constantly begins v a brand-new line, usually v indentation.
PerspectiveThis is a writer's point of view about a particular subject, and also is frequently influenced by their ideas or by events in their lives.
Persuasive TextThis make the efforts to to convince a reader to adopt a certain opinion or food of action.
PrewritingThis the the very first stage in the writing process, used to focus ideas and also find good topics.
Primary SourceThis is one original document or firsthand account.
ProofreadThis is the procedure of making point out on a written file to correct errors.
PublisherThis is an college or organization that prints and releases written work.
PurposeThis is one author’s intention, reason, or journey for creating the piece.
Sequential OrderThis is the chronological, or time, bespeak of events in a analysis passage.
StructureThis refers to a writer's setup or overall style of a literary work. The is the means words, sentences, and also paragraphs are organized to develop a finish work.
Supporting DetailsThese are the facts or details that back up a main idea, theme, or thesis.
ThesaurusThis is a book of synonyms.
Thesis StatementThis is the method in i beg your pardon the key idea of a literary work is expressed, normally as a generalization that is supported with concrete evidence.
Topic SentenceThis is a one-sentence review of a paragraph's key point.
Concluding SentenceThis is the sentence the restates the topic sentence and wraps up the paragraph.

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ReviseThis is transforms to the written occupational to boost or do it sound better.