66.Jaxson Corporation has the adhering to data associated to straight labor prices for September: actual expenses are 10,200 hoursat $15.75 per hour and standard prices are 10,800 hours at $15.50 every hour.

What is the straight labor time variance?

a.$9,300 favorable

b.$9,300 unfavorable

c.$9,450 favorable

d.$9,450 unfavorable

67.Myers Corporation has actually the complying with data related to straight materials prices for November: actual expenses for 5,000pounds of product at $4.50? and also standard costs for 4,800 pounds of product at $5.10 every pound.

What is the straight materials quantity variance?

a.$1,020 favorable

b.$1,020 unfavorable

c.$900 favorable

d.$900 unfavorable

68.The complying with data said to direct labor prices for August:Actual costs: 5,500 hrs at $24.00 every hour.Standard costs: 5,000 hours at $23.70 per hour.

What is the direct labor time variance?

a.$1,650 favorable

b.$1,650 unfavorable

c.$1,500 favorable

d.$1,500 unfavorable

69.Which that the complying with is nota reason standard costs are separated into two components?

a.The price and also quantity variances must be established separately to exactly the actual major differences

b.Identifying variances identify which manager must uncover a systems to significant discrepancies

c.If a negative variance is overshadowed through a favorable variance, supervisors may skip potentialcorrections

d.Variances carry attention to discrepancies in the budget and require supervisors to revise budgets closer toactual results

70.The standard costs and also actual expenses for straight materials for the to produce of 3,000 actual units of product are

Standard Costs

Direct materials (per perfect unit)1,040 kilograms at $8.75

Actual Costs

Direct materials2,000 kilograms at $8.00

The quantity of straight materials price variance is

a.$2,750 unfavorable variance

b.$2,750 favorable variance

c.$1,500 favorable variance

d.$1,500 unfavorable variance

71.The typical costs and also actual expenses for straight materials because that the to produce of 2,500 actual devices of product are

Standard Costs

Direct materials2,500 kilograms

The amount of the direct materials quantity variance is

a.$875 favorable variance

b.$850 unfavorable variance

c.$850 favorable variance

d.$875 unfavorable variance

72.If the actual amount of direct materials used in developing a commodity differs from the traditional quantity, thevariance is a

a.controllable variance

b.price variance

c.quantity variance

d.rate variance

73.If the price paid per unit different from the conventional price per unit for direct materials, the variance is a