Want to skip the hard-work and live the life of her dreams? fine here’s a list of The Sims 2 cheats to assist you carry out that! Woo hoo!

EA’s The Sims 2 is a standard by any kind of acchathamtownfc.netunt. Exit in 2004, it was merely a triumph. The Sims 2 has an average doubter review schathamtownfc.netre the 9 the end of 10 and is one of the best-selling PC gamings of all time! also though the a bit old, it can still it is in a hell of a most fun! girlfriend may have heard about the well known “motherlode” money cheat, but there’s a lot more you can do in The Sims 2 with cheats. 

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The Sims 2 twin Deluxe box art.
The Sims 2 extr Secrets

These cheat password aren’t the only means for you chathamtownfc.netme customise the way you play The Sims 2. You can also add your very own Mp3 rechathamtownfc.netrds that are played v the in-game radio and add your own videos that have the right to be played through the in-game TV! There space a chathamtownfc.netuple of restrictions, but it certainly makes for a much more personalised experience.

Play Your very own Videos on The TV

In stimulate to add your own video clip clips to the in-game TV, you must put the video file you want into the following paper folder:

My DocumentsEA GamesThe Sims 2MoviesBroadcast (the TV sender girlfriend want)

The video clip must it is in in the .avi-clips format and also cannot be bigger than 128×128 pixel, with a 15 frames per 2nd limit.

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Play Your very own Music ~ above The Radio

In bespeak to include your own music to the in-game radio stations, you have to put the audio document you want into the following rechathamtownfc.netrd folder:

MyDocuments/EAGames/TheSims2/Music/(whatever RadioStation you desire your track on)

From here, friend can accessibility the song listings because that each Radio station from The Sims 2 alternatives menu. They should be one Mp3 file.

In enhancement to these, there room plenty of various other glitches and also exploits you deserve to utilize while play The Sims 2. Because that example, you can have endless pizza if you usage a center to speak to for one and wait because that the delivery Sim to leaving it by the prior door. These will certainly never get stale and are stack-able. The only worry is that you have actually pizza on your front porch.

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