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History has constantly represented a deep source of inspiration particularly for intuitive artists. In the instance of actual events, there space two ideologies that the artist deserve to follow in his creative endeavor; he have the right to either recreate the occasions according to historical facts, or emphasis on your symbolism and thus present a much more or less accurate factual description. Nevertheless of the approach, an artistic creation is tributary come the perspective of the artist. This is just how one can explain certain works of art which are based on a real occasion or set of events, yet does no aim in ~ reproducing reality, but at providing oftentimes a deeper definition which is conveyed v symbolism. In the case of Parting of Lot and also Abraham, a mosaic developed in the fifth century, the artist focuses on the symbolism that the biblical event; hence every detail becomes far-ranging in the creational process. The mosaic is presently situated in Santa Maria Maggiore in Rome. Thesis: The Parting that Lot and also Abraham go not only present crucial event in history, but additionally explores the symbolism of the department between great and evil. Also, as much as the history of religions, the event illustrated by the mosaic represents a significant division of beliefs. This file strives to fancy on a set of technical and symbolical details which support this thesis. In order to recognize the meaning of the parting of Abraham and Lot, the is highly important to create a couple of Biblical facts, and to gain a deeper expertise of the figures connected in this event. Abraham is a number in the Torah, Bible and the Qur"an, and also is taken into consideration the forefather the the Israelite people. God promised Abraham the his kids will found a nation which will be blessed (Genesis 12:3). In Christian legacy this prophecy is taken as a straight reference to Jesus Christ. Lot to be Abraham"s nephew, the boy of the Aran, Abraham"s brother. God commanded Abraham to take trip to the floor of Canaan, and the last obeyed. Abraham do the voyage v his nephew, lot of (Genesis 12:1-5). The two embark ~ above a trip to Egypt. Abraham, with his wife Sarah, his nephew Lot, and also their individuals departed native Ur of the Chaldees and also came depend the floor of Canaan. Here, Abraham decided to different from his nephew due to the fact that of strife in between his herdsmen and Lot"s (Genesis 13:6-7). Lot determined the fertile and also irrigated floor lying eastern of the Jordan River close to the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah (Genesis 13:10-12) vice versa, Abraham took his herds under to Hebron wherein he would build an altar to Yahweh.On the parting that Lot and also Abraham, Saint Augustine wrote, "Consequently these room the words of Abraham come Lot, once taking precaution against this evil, "Let there be no strife between me and thee, and also between mine herdsmen and also thy herdsmen; for us be brethren. Behold, is no the whole land prior to thee? separate thyself native me: if she wilt go to the left hand, I will certainly go come the right; or if you wilt walk to the right hand, I will certainly go to the left."" (Saint Augustine: 543). To Saint Augustine, this to be the first instance in human background when the partition the earthly points was done in between two guys according to their "greatness," in the feeling that Abraham enabled Lot to express his selection as to the direction he desires to go: "From this, perhaps, has emerged a pacific custom among men, that once there is any type of partition the earthly things, the greater should do the division, the less the choice." (Ibid)The mosaic in concern is a great example of beforehand Christian Art. The Parting that Lot and also Abraham was built as a symbolic relenten of the separation the the Church native the Synagogue. This attribute is mirrored both by its an approach and the message. In this sense, the an approach was based on the mixture of marble and also glass tessera. Glass tessera is a kind of cubic tile used in mosaics the were at first used in Antiquity. Yet during the first centuries AD, tesserae were made from colored or clear glass such together in the case of the Parting that Lot and Abraham wherein the glass tesserae that were… . . . Check out MORE


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