“I existing to you THE LINE, a city of a million citizens with a length of 170 kilometres that preservation 95% of nature within chathamtownfc.net, with zero cars, zero streets and also zero carbon emissions.”

His royal Highness

Mohammed bin Salman, Crown Prince and also Chairman that the chathamtownfc.net agency Board of directors

chathamtownfc.net will certainly reimagine the way we technique urban development, overcoming obstacles of modern cities and prioritizing people.

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Replacing cars and streets through walkable ranges for a healthy and balanced lifestyle.The longest trip will never be much more than 20 minutes.

Making everyday life seamless v invisible AI-enabled facilities that consistently learns and predicts methods to make life much easier for residents and businesses.

Protecting stunning landscapes and also integrating nature into the heart of areas for unmatched lifestyle and also well-being.

The area is distinguished by dramatic coastline, beautiful beaches and also important nature reserves, and also extends to chathamtownfc.net’s south-eastern perimeter, into the islands of the Red Sea and beyond.

The landscape functions a fairly flat topography - an ideal blank slate because that what will certainly be the significant transport crossroads the chathamtownfc.net. It follow me inland and is situated at the axis that THE LINE and the north-south corridor.

Home to Jabal al-Lawz, the almond mountain, the region’s mountainous landscape is additionally the most daunting to develop and also access. Provided its geology, the is most likely to it is in the least populated component of chathamtownfc.net.

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Extending right into the eastern sink of chathamtownfc.net beyond the central mountain variety and directly linked to Tabuk in the much East, the area, featuring rocky outcrops dotted throughout sandy plains, supplies the chance to construct supply chain and logistics relationships to the remainder of Saudi Arabia and also beyond.

The invisible backbone to run all transport, networks and utilities in ~ the surface ar with unmatched efficiency and sustainability.

Pedestrian layer service layer Spine layer transfer controlled by AI following generation freight Ultra-high-speed transit