The quick story “The last Question,” by Isaac Asimov, is a story that questions the future. Over there is a super computer named Multivac, make in 2061, that has actually a systems to most difficulties humankind will encounter. I found it cool exactly how mankind had the ability to harvest the Sun’s power from the help of Multivac. Multivac evolves together time go on getting bigger and also smarter. Each generation the super computer system gets a brand-new name native Microvac, GalacticAC, UniversalAC, CosmicAC, to the final kind AC. Yet there is the difficulty that every generation would certainly ask yet the super computer system does not have actually an solution for.

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The super computer system reminds me that The Traveler from Destiny. The Traveler is choose AC that started a golden age for mankind. Throughout the golden age, mankind was able to broaden throughout the universe. AC helped mankind expand from its own universe and into other universes. Transparent the generations countless have inquiry AC if “can entropy be reversed” yet AC wasn’t able to answer the question since of poor data.

On might 21, 2061, Adell and also Lupov were already looking right into the future the humanity. Lupov to be the one that thought about humans in billions of years in the future and also asks Multivac if “can entropy be reversed”. Multivac responds through “insufficient data because that a systematic answer”. In the next billion years mankind has come to be a galactic empire. The population doubles every ten years and also there is immortality. Then in one more billion years, human have taken end galaxies and also the planet no much longer exist. Transparent this entirety time, many humans have asked AC if “can entropy be reversed” but always received “insufficient data for a meaningful answer”.

In the end, stars and also galaxies were dying or has passed away out, forcing male to fuse your minds through AC. Quickly there were no male left and also only AC. The question that was AC key purpose was ultimately answered however by climate there to be no man around. This is comparable to our situation today. People have establish the planet is dying and resources will certainly run out. Now Scientist space researching for other options for power and room travel come extract resources from asteroids.

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Class discussion #4: AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Our most recent reading, “The critical Question” (Isaac Asimov, 1956), considers the relationship between humans and modern technology through the advancement of AI (artificial intelligence). The id of intelligent, free-thinking machines takes the “man vs. Machine” conflict to a whole brand-new level, forcing us, as readers, to think about the results of our developments in new and horrible ways. AI permeates the scientific research fiction genre, and also is a common theme of modern-day films and TV shows. We’ll be experimenting AI transparent the semester, considering the methods in which developments in science and technology have prompted even more facility representations in the genre (as well together in real life). There’s much, much more to be claimed on the topic, yet for now, let’s start to crowdsource this theme, right here in this course Discussion.

An initial comment is due by Friday, 10/2 and two added comments by Monday, 10/5 (though together always, feel cost-free to contribute more!). Analysis through her classmates’ reading response blogs top top “The critical Question” (and getting your People’s an option Vote because that this story in early!) will help you to think v this topic.

Your comments have to be educated by the message (concrete details, price quotes with citations), but additionally bring in extr examples/context. Examples can be real or fictional (e.g., movies, TV shows, video games). Re-publishing your example (with suitable citation–such together a connect to where you uncovered it), explain why/how that relates to AI and also what inquiries it raises; re-superstructure concrete discussion in her comments (referencing certain passages, scenes, etc.) native the instances you discuss.

As always, in addition to posting your very own comment(s), you space responsible for checking back in and also reading v the whole discussion, before each class.

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This “discussion” is component of the forced reading because that the course. You space responsible for responding come at the very least one classmate’s example by Monday as well (this can be part of your two extr comments).

Happy crowdsourcing