With the holiday season top top us, the is only fitting to share my among my favorite television holiday episodes fromThe Honeymoonersentitled “Twas the Night before Christmas.” It was the 13th episode from Season 1 very first airing ~ above December 24, 1955.

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The cast of The Honeymooners breaking the fourth wall to wish the live TV audience a funny Christmas. (L come R) art Carney, Joyce Randolph, Audrey Meadows, and also Jackie Gleason.

Ralph pawns his brand-new bowling sphere in exchange because that money to buy Alice a present.On Christmas morning, Alice hands him her gift first–a bowling bag for his new bowling ball.She insists he put his new ball in the bag, i beg your pardon is as soon as Ralph confesses that he’s marketed his bowling ball.

After lock exchange gifts, the castcomes front on stage and break the 4th wall come express your holiday greetings come the live TV audience….which is probably one of mine favorite components of the episode.

Here’s a couple of minutes native Ralph explaining the meaning of Christmas.

The Honeymooners ‘Twas the Night prior to Christmas – Ralph Kramden Christmas Speech

The Honeymoonersis an early American televisionsitcomcreated by—and starring—Jackie Gleasonand based on a recurringcomedy sketchof the exact same name that had been part of hisvariety show. It complies with the resides ofNew York Citybus driver Ralph Kramden (Gleason), his wife Alice (Audrey Meadows) and also his best friend Ed Norton (Art Carney) together they get involved with various schemes in their day-to-day living. Most episodes revolve approximately Ralph’s poor choices in absurd situations which commonly show his judgmental mindset in a comedic tone. The ‘Twas the Night before Christmas episode was a part of the “Classic 39” episodes ofThe Honeymoonersare the persons that initially aired together a weekly half-hour sitcom ~ above CBS native October 1955 come September 1956.

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Wishing friend a happy holiday season and also prosperous 2021!


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