To the TeachernThe Glencoe literature Library presents full-length novels and also plays bound together with shorter selections of miscellaneous genres the relate by layout or topic to the key reading. Each work in the Library has a two-part Study overview that has a selection of sources for both you and also your students. Usage the guide to setup your accuse of the work and enrich your classroom presentations. In because that the Teacher friend will uncover these time-saving instructor aids: about the Work: pertinent background information on the work and a comprehensive synopsis that its plot. Media Links: annotated listings of audio, visual, electronic, and also print resources regarded the work. To teach Options: high-interest activities for presenting the work and individualizing instruction. Choices for Using associated Readings: suggested approaches come the associated Readings contained with the work. Answer Key: thorough answers to every questions and reading activities. For the Student is composed of these reproducible blackline masters: satisfy the Author: a lively summary of the writer life. Introducing the Work: background information that gives a meaningful context in i beg your pardon to check out the work. Prior to You Read and also Responding pages: pre- and also post-reading questions and also activities. Energetic Reading: graphic organizers for students to complete as they read. Test: a considerable two-part check of the work.

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ContentsFor the TeacherAbout the work-related Synopsis Media web links Teaching alternatives Options for motivating Students conference Individual Needs options for Using connected Readings Answer key 2 2 3 4 4 5 6 7

For the StudentMeet mary Shelley introducing the Novel letters 14 before You Read energetic Reading Responding before You Read active Reading Responding 9 10 12 13 14 16 17 18 20 21 22 24 25 26 28 29 30 32 33 33 34 35 36 37 38

Chapters 110

Chapters 1116 before You Read active Reading Responding Chapters 1721 before You Read active Reading Responding Chapters 2224 prior to You Read energetic Reading Responding Responding come Frankenstein Related analysis Blackline Masters mary Shelleys Frankenstein by roger Ebert A Frankenstein Monster became a Lamb by Ed Regis A brand-new Life by Ramsey Campbell The Golem by Isaac Bashevis Singer . . . That Thou arts Mindful of the by Isaac Asimov Test

About the WorkFrankenstein by mary ShelleyIn mary Shelleys 1818 novel Frankenstein, a young scientist bring on his own damage by building an fabricated man and bringing it to life. Through the characters of Dr. Frankenstein and his creature, this powerful novel explores the themes the ambition, science, ethical responsibility, social isolation, and also psychological balance. Through its wild and also desolate settings and its mythological being, Frankenstein is an example of the gothic novel. Through a clinical fantasy in ~ the center of its plot, the novel is additionally regarded as a forerunner of science fiction. Components of this novel to express to civilization of miscellaneous racial and spiritual groups in ways that student may find to it is in offensive. You might wish to suggest out the at the time once Shelley to be writing, civilization typically had little access come information about other cultures, and it was not unusual for human being to hold negative views toward societies they no understand.

SYNOPSISFrankenstein is a structure story, a framework of tales within tales. The story opens and also ends v the letter of an traveler named Robert Walton, who is searching for the source of magnetism in the north polar regions. There he finds and also rescues Dr. Victor Frankenstein from details death in the icy ocean. While that is recovering, Frankenstein speak Walton the story that his life. Set within Frankensteins narrative and Waltons letter is the first-person story told by the biology Frankenstein created. Frankenstein, a young male from a happy family in Geneva, Switzerland, i do not care obsessed through the idea of bestowing life on meaningless matter. He researches chemistry and brand-new theories of electrical power at a German university. With this knowledge and with body parts from corpses, Frankenstein create a large manlike being and brings it come life v an electrical spark. Detect the creature grotesquely ugly when it is animated, Frankenstein operation away from it. The creature conveniently disappears. For months afterward, Frankenstein suffers native what the calls a nervous heat in which hallucinations of the biology torment him. ~ his recovery, Frankenstein learns that his young brother William has been murdered near the family home in Switzerland. A young woman that lived v the Frankenstein family members is unjustly accused and also hanged for the childs murder. On his expedition home, Frankenstein look at the creature and realizes that he killed the child. Frankenstein seeks solitude high in the Alps, and there the is challenged by his creation. The creature, who has actually learned to talk and also evade people, persuades Frankenstein to hear to his story of persecution and loneliness. The biology tells just how he hid in a shed attached to the head of a bad family in the woods. Observing the familya remote man and his 2 grown childrendaily with a small hole in the wall, he was relocated by your love for each other. Together they teach a foreign friend how to speak your language, the creature likewise learned along with her. The creature additionally learned about what it means to be human by analysis three books he found. The gathered his vessel to strategy the blind man alone. That was got sympathetically, however when the others changed they drive him far in fear. From that moment, the biology vowed revenge against humankind and especially his creator. Challenge to confront with Frankenstein, he demands that his creator do a companion to relieve his agonizing loneliness. Frankenstein agrees, yet on the verge of animating the mrs creature, that destroys it. The biology responds through resuming his rampage the revenge. He death Frankensteins closestly friend and also later Frankensteins brand-new bride. Frankenstein vows to kill the monster. He pursues the biology all the way to the Arctic yet then dies on Waltons ship. The creature concerns Frankensteins deathbed, confesses his remorse, and vows that will end his own life.2 because that the Teacher Frankenstein research Guide

Media LinksVideosShow a film variation of the novel as a follow-up come students reading. Asking students to compare and also contrast the characterizations the the significant and minor characters in the film and also in the novel. Mar Shelleys Frankenstein, command by Kenneth Branagh (Columbia TriStar residence Video, 1995; 123 minutes; Rated R for horrific images).

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CD-ROMsTo give students a possibility to find their very own pathways into the novel, have actually them check out one the the following multimedia programs. Important Frankenstein (Byron Preiss Multimedia, 1994) includes pop-up annotations come the original 1818 text, animated introductions to each chapter, and many movie stills and film clips. Frankenstein: The Art and also Legends (Michael Callis) makes connections between art, literature, and scientific achievements of the period.

AudiocassettesTo support students reading skills, have them hear to a tape record of each chapter before they read on their own. Occasionally, have actually them check out as castle listen. Frankenstein on eight cassettes (Books on Tape, 1984)

Both musical and literary works from the Romantic era (about 1780 to 1830) stressed the expression of emotions, consisting of fear and also awe. Come underscore this idea, pat the complying with composition, one eerie song written by a top Romantic composer and based on a legend. Erlknig (The Erlking, 1815) through Franz Schubert

Further ReadingFor the Teacher The Frankenstein Syndrome: Ethical and Social worries in the Genetic design of pets by bernard E. Rollin, 1995. A nontechnical and anecdotal conversation of the benefits and dangers that genetic design Approaches to teaching Shelleys Frankenstein, edited through Stephen C. Behrendt, 1990. Classroom-tested techniques for to teach Shelleys novel for the Student mar Shelleys Monster: The Story of Frankenstein by boy name Tropp, 1976. Engaging evaluation of all facets of the novel consisting of related literature and also films (Photographs)

Be sure to preview every media links to recognize whether or no the material is proper for her class.Frankenstein Study guide For the Teacher 3

Teaching OptionsOptions for motivating StudentsA Dark and also Stormy Night . . .Help students affix the novel to renowned depictions that the monster

countless students will be acquainted with movie version of Frankensteins creature, such as the 1931 standard Frankenstein through Boris Karloff together the monster and also Young Frankenstein (1974), a comic parody starring Gene Wilder as Dr. Frankenstein. Also students that havent viewed the movie may have preconceived ideas around the monster. Have actually students discuss what castle know about Frankensteins creature, and note their responses on the board. Climate ask how plenty of students have seen a movie around Frankensteins monster. Encourage lock to describe the monster, the other