The story follows a 9 year old girl who finds herself lost in the woods after ~ straying from her arguing mother and brother come pee. She proceeds to wander around the woods because that nine days, do the efforts to uncover her method out. On the method she to meet mosquitoes, wasps, snakes, swamps and lack that food and also water. She starts hallucinating and talk to she hero, baseball player Tom Gordon, because that company. Once she ultimately finds her way out that the thick woods she is assisted by a farmer after warding off a bear through her Walkman and also his rifle, and she wakes up, after ~ passing out, to uncover that she in a hospital bed surrounded by her family.

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The variation of this publication that I have is 217 pages long. It take it me about 3 days to check out as i made certain to speed myself. Ns was additionally reading other books for university, and I didn't desire to obtain each storyline confused. I have actually heard of human being reading this book in 12 hours, however I'm not sure exactly how true the is.

The book is really well written, as are every one of his books (in my opinion). Ns loved the means that this one was much less fictitious 보다 his others normally are. The really obtained to me as it is not complicated to imagine yourself lost in the woods and feeling terrified as soon as the night set in. That is a much an ext believable storyline than that of Pet Semetery or The Shining, for example.

I additionally found myself yes, really liking Trisha, the main character. She was complicated and clearly had a lot of thought put right into her. But I feel that for 9 she is described as incredibly (and probably a little too) tires for she age. As soon as I to be 9 i couldn't even chef myself pasta, permit alone navigate myself through thick forest, catch fish through a raincoat hood or distinguish North native South. For all the characters' realness, this let that down. To me it simply seemed too unrealistic for a 9 year old town girl to know exactly how to survive more than a main in the middle of the woods. However, together I said, the settings, scenes and storyline were all very realistic and believable, and also it was these things that scared me the most. I couldn't prevent reading as soon as I had gotten 20 pages in.

There are a few things that ns didn't like though, and also the finishing is most of them. Transparent the book, the unnamed narrator tells united state that Trisha feels choose something is watching her. Then they tell united state that she is in fact being watched, and its not simply a feeling. The suspense to find out what the is the is city hall her had me totally hooked. And then you discover out.Despite my extreme love for Stephen queens work, the let me under here. The finishing was completely predictable, the 'thing' was very boring, and also the whole book ended up being tainted for me. Ns had complied with this girl about a wood, cared around her, and wondered what terrible thing might possibly be waiting for her and also wanting to injury her. I had guessed really early on the the cautious thing because that it to be was a bear of some sort, but this is Stephen King. He doesn't also know what a be afflicted with is, right? that is ghouls and also vampires. Apparently not.


Now, I understand Stephen King fans may read this and also think that I need to be shed at the stake for this. But hear me out. Ns am a massive fan, and also I walk thoroughly delighted in this book.The problem that I had actually though, is that, allows be real, nothing yes, really happens. We go through the whole publication and about the most interesting thing that happens is when she hallucinates part scary looking priests and also falls in her very own shit. As soon as I to be nearing the finish I to be preparing myself for anything. Possibly some tragic ending where searchers are just minutes too late to conserve her, or some crazy phantom mister up and takes she as one of his minions. Yet none the this happened. She obtained out alive, and also I have to say ns was relieved, however the bulk of me wanted a much more exciting ending.

Overall i would rate this book 3/5, simply due to the fact that I understand he has actually much far better work the end there. And also would i recommend this to a friend? Not before they have actually read several of his various other books.

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Gilbert Arevalo on may 30, 2019:

Elle, I'm additionally a Stephen King fan. I haven't review the story. I can't answer to her criticism. But you're licensed has been granted to your opinion, especially due to the fact that he is an author who has actually pleased girlfriend with countless of his various other works.

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Gilbert Arevalo from Hacienda Heights, California on April 15, 2017:

Elle, I'm likewise a Stephen King fan. I haven't review the story. I can't answer to your criticism. However you're licensed has been granted to your opinion, especially because he is an author who has actually pleased you with numerous of his other works.