exactly how does Alice Walker use the prize of flower to present Myop’s coming-of-age experience? Use message from The Flowers to support your answer.
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The flowers in this story job-related in tandem with numerous other symbols to suggest Myop"s coming-of-age and also her ns of innocence. In stimulate to conference the flowers, she need to " her back on the rusty board of her family"s sharecropper cabin," and she wanders far from home, though she has...

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The flowers in this story job-related in tandem with many other signs to show Myop"s coming-of-age and also her lose of innocence. In order to conference the flowers, she have to " her ago on the rusty plank of her family"s sharecropper cabin," and she wanders far from home, despite she has been that means with her mommy in various other times. Therefore Myop is gathering suffer as she leaves behind she family and her home, walk out right into the human being alone.

At noon, pedestrian writes that Myop"s "arms laden through sprigs of she findings," and even though she wasn"t lost so far from home,

the strangeness the the land made it no as pleasant together her usual haunts. It appeared gloomy . . . The air to be damp, the quiet close and also deep.

She is at the noontide of her life—in she prime, so to speak—and she has actually gathered every the flowers she will certainly gather. You might say the flowers are age, cultivation up, and innocence. The gloominess of their setting can be understood as the grim realities of adulthood and also the lose of childish magic. The bright, beautiful flowers are out of location here.

It is after this that Myop starts to "circle back," to discover her way home, and earlier to innocence and also peacefulness. However instead, she to meet death. She tries to pluck a increased from close to the dead man, but it is recorded in the rope that hanged him. At this point, she pipeline all her flowers wherein she is, "and the summer to be over." Myop has actually encountered death and also symbolically, with the leaving of the flowers, has encountered her own death. This, in countless ways, signifies a ns of innocence.

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