Failure to follow Train Crossing signals Defense Attorney because that Elmhurst, Hinsdale, and Wheaton

Illinois has over 10,000 at-grade railroad-highway intersections. Every year, the state sees end 100 railroad crossing collisions, result in about 25 fatalities.

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You have the right to be ticketed not just for driving roughly a close up door gate, but also for starting across the tracks any time ~ the warning lights have actually been activated. Under Illinois law, you need to stop your auto as soon as the cross lights start flashing and/or the gates begin to close. You may not proceed across the tracks till the lights prevent flashing and the gate is totally raised.

At Kathryn L. Take care of & Associates, P.C., us understand just how frustrating it can be to obtain stuck waiting for a lengthy freight train come pass. You might have already been also close come the monitor to stop once the warning lights began to flash, however you obtained a ticket anyway. If you wish to hit this ticket and keep a relocating violation off her driving record, our attorneys will go the street to construct the strongest feasible case and advocate forcefully for you in court.

Fighting a Ticket because that Disobeying Railroad crossing Signals

There space a variety of ways to fight a ticket for a railroad crossing offense.

Your attorney may have the ability to negotiate a deal for you prior to your booked court date, conserving you the hassle of acquisition time off job-related to show up in court. One option is to plead the charge under to trespassing on rail property, which has actually a lower fine and also is a non-moving violation.

Another option is come plead no guilty. You and your attorney would then show up in court on your designated court date. The officer who ticketed you may not display up, or might not be able to recall the incident, in which situation the charges might be dismissed. If the officer is accessible and ready to testify, there room a number of issues that could be raised in your defense. Because that example, you might testify the the officer was no positioned in a location where he can see exactly where your automobile was when the lights began flashing, and also that the former of your vehicle had currently passed the the safest stopping place in prior of the gateways when the lights began flashing.

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A DuPage County traffic Violations Defense Lawyer can Help

If you have actually been ticketed for a railroad cross violation and also want come fight the ticket in court, friend will need the assistance of an skilled DuPage ar defense lawyer. The attorneys in ~ Kathryn L. Bother & Associates, P.C. Have decades of endure in defending clients charged with violations that Illinois traffic laws and they are all set to advocate for you. Because that a cost-free initial consultation, speak to 630-472-9700. Serving DuPage County, including Oak Brook, Lombard, Elmhurst, Hinsdale, Downers Grove, Addison, Wheaton, and also Westmont.