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Campaign and results

This fraught climate—exacerbated through Bleeding Kansas, a collection of violent illustration that damaged out after ~ allegations the voter fraud in the new state—led the continuing to be Democrats to disapprove incumbent Franklin Pierce together their nominee, fearing the association with the controversial act would alienate voters. Despite Pierce allied v Douglas in an attempt to block the nomination the James Buchanan, who had actually been chosen because of his street from the controversies of the day, Douglas eventually reneged on their agreement and withdrew himself from the running, allowing Buchanan to take it the nomination. John C. Breckinridge, a former U.S. Senator and representative native Kentucky v ties come Douglas, received the vice presidential nomination. Republic rallied roughly John C. Frémont, a U.S. Senator native California, through William L. Dayton, a previous U.S. Senator from new Jersey together his running mate. Former president Millard Fillmore served as the Know-Nothing nominee, through Andrew J. Donelson of Tennessee together his to run mate; the Whigs joined behind Fillmore rather than proposing their very own candidate.

During the campaign, the Know-Nothings embraced a more moderate platform the downplayed the party’s opposition to immigrant and promoted a rapprochement between the 2 sides that the enslavement issue. The Republicans preserved a vehement antislavery stance, a place that garnered them the votes of most northern states. The Democrats, however, citing the feasible dissolution of the Union have to antislavery sentiments prevail, regulated to victory several key northern states, allowing Buchanan to success the White House.

For the results of the ahead election, see United states presidential election of 1852. For the outcomes of the succeeding election, see United states presidential election of 1860.

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Richard Pallardy

Results of the 1856 election

The results of the 1856 U.S. Presidential election are listed in the table.

American presidential election, 1856 presidential candidate politics party electoral votes famous votes
Sources: Electoral and also popular vote totals based on data native the United states Office of the federal Register and Congressional Quarterly\"s guide to U.S. Elections, 4th ed. (2001).
James Buchanan autonomous 174 1,838,169
john C. Frémont Republican 114 1,341,264
Millard Fillmore American (Know-Nothing) 8 873,053