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Cloud Formations


Cumulonimbus is a heavy and dense cloud of substantial vertical degree in the form of a mountain or large tower, often connected with hefty precipitation, lightning and also thunder. The maturation Cumulonimbus cloud has a distinctive flat, anvil shame top.

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The Cumulonimbus cloud (Cb) creates when three problems are met:

There should be a deep layer of turbulent air.The air have to be warm and also moist.A trigger mechanism must cause the heat moist air to rise:Heating of the great of air close come the surface.Rising floor forcing the wait upwards (orographic uplift).A former forcing the waiting upwards.

The way in which a Cb creates is extended in a different article: Lifecycle that the Thunderstorm.


Cumulonimbus cloud in central Oklahoma. The updraft is the large cloud mass in ~ the center of the photo. The anvil is the flat layer in ~ the top. The downdraft is the merganser area come the right.

Types of Cumulonimbus

Mass Ascent
. Resulted in when a weather front pressures the wait upwards. Just like orographic lift, the Cb cells form in a line along the front, frequently embedded within wider frontal cloud, because of this presenting a difficulty to plane trying come navigate v the front.



Flight right into a Cb is very dangerous. The only cautious defence versus the hazards connected with a Cb is as such to stop flying into one in the first place.

Awareness. Awareness the the problems which lead to the formation of a Cb, acknowledgment of a developing and also mature Cb, and also awareness that the indicators which suggest the proximity the a Cb will assist controllers and also flight crews to setup operations to stop the associated hazards.

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If the Cb cabinet is situated over the location aerodrome, then the pilot would be well advised to organize off or draw away rather 보다 attempt a landing.