Theodore Taylor is one American writer who also makes documentary films. His impetus to create “The Cay” come from his research right into German submarines that dealt with in the second World War. He is currently married with 3 children and lives in California.

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This novel is collection in the 1940s top top a small island, dubbed a “cay”, in the Caribbean Sea. German U-boats space constantly submerged in the vicinity that the island and also Williamsted, Phillip’s home, i beg your pardon is a Dutch conquered island.


One the the main themes in this novel is racism. Phillip look at Negroes in the same method as his mother despises them. Phillip likes the black peoples’ accents and the way they litter fruit at them from their boats.

His friends favor them too, yet for part reason, his mother thinks they room dirty and unpleasant. Throughout the novel, Phillip begins to recognize that Negroes room ordinary civilization who should have the same rights as whites and he decides to ignore his mom prejudices and also respect the civilization with dignity.


Phillip lives in Williamsted through his mother and father. They had actually lived in the joined States yet they moved there as soon as Phillip’s dad was readily available a task in one oil refinery nearby. Williamsted is really quaint and the port is constantly full of black people on your fishing boats, referred to as schooners. At some point a German U-boat is spotted near the harbor. The entirety harbor is on edge. As soon as everyone calms down, the very first tanker in a mainly sets sail with gallons of crude oil oil on board.

The whole populace is shocked as soon as the tanker blows right into pieces and scatters shrapnel anywhere the sea. Phillip’s mother becomes anxious and she bring Phillip top top a tiny cargo ship back to main America. Phillip’s father thinks the they will be alright. The ship is torpedoed the next morning, and when Phillip awakes he finds himself on a raft.

Phillip had actually been unconscious for number of hours and now that is the end in the middle of the sea with an ugly black man, and also no mother. The Negros’s surname is Timothy, he is old but really strong. Phillip goes to sleep and also when that awakes he finds the he is can not to see, the is blind. Phillip thinks that Timothy is strict as soon as he would certainly not offer him any

water however he realizes the Timothy is judicious with the rations and also he decides to do friends v him. The island is deserted and also it is surrounding by a coral reef, the only method people would an alert them is through air. So, Timothy sets come work and also he build a hut and a bonfire i m sorry they could light if they heard an plane approaching. Timothy fishes in the pools and also on part days he would certainly even record lobster.

Weeks pass and also not a solitary airplane paris over their heads. Timothy catches a fever and also his life is in danger. Phillip nurses him ago to health however he will never ever regain his full strength. Timothy realizes that he will not be about for lot longer and also he mirrors Phillip exactly how to move around the island through the use of vines as guidelines. Phillip learn quickly and soon the is able to fish unaided. Timothy and Phillip this story is around Phillip’s blind fight for survive all alone as soon as he is faced with Timothy’s death.


The personalities develop very well v this novel. We are offered a great insight into Phillip’s lift by the means he behaves and also feels in the direction of a Negro. Phillip is quite spoilt at home and also he cannot fend for himself. This alters though when he i do not care friends v Timothy, that is both physically and also mentally stronger than him. Timothy shows him how to survive and also not come panic as soon as they room in trouble, yet to think whatever out clearly and try to fix the problem.


The mood in this story is one of fear for Phillip however maybe hope for Timothy. Once Phillip realizes that their opportunities of gift rescued room slim he becomes afraid and also anxious around being left top top the cay forever. Timothy is old and also he to know it. His life is coming to one end and he fears that he will certainly leave Phillip ~ above the island by himself and also that he will not have the ability to cope.

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Personal response

This novel reflects that black people are friendly and also considerate and not dirty and also abusive together Phillip’s mom sees them. It likewise displays the fare and hardship in the time of the 2nd World War.