The blood of Jesus is a tangible strength in both the spiritual and physical realms, and we need to apply it come our resides every day as security from the enemy.

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In 1 Peter 5:9, we room told to withstand the devil by standing certain in ours faith. How? by the blood that the lamb and the word of ours testimony (Revelation 12:11). The power to overcome satan lies in the blood of Jesus, yet you must understand what the blood stand for and also how to use it.

Using the Blood to Fight spirituality Battles

Hebrews 9:13-14 shows us how the blood functions its power. Although pet sacrifices foreshadowed what God to be going to execute through Jesus, the blood of goats and also bulls could not run in the spiritual realm (Hebrews 10:4).


But the blood the Christ is different. Since Jesus is one eternal spiritual being v a physics body, His blood deserve to penetrate both the earthly and also spiritual realms. And also because that that, the is may be to cleanse the conscience from dead works to offer the living God. Those more, due to the fact that the spiritual realm dictates what takes place in the earthly realm, the blood that Christ is a an effective weapon versus satanic work that affect events on earth.

How to apply the Blood in her Life

Pleading the blood that Jesus end earthly circumstances is no something mystical. It’s not an incantation, however a spiritual practice of faith.

Perhaps you’re thinking, “Hey, minister Bob, whereby in the holy bible are we commanded come ‘plead the blood’” let me show you.

David provided the hatchet “plead” when addressing Saul, who had wrongly accused David of plan to damage him. “The Lord as such be judge and also decide in between you and also me;” David said, “and might He see and also plead mine cause, and also deliver me from your hand” (I Samuel 24:15).

David knew the if the pleaded his case prior to God’s eye of justice, God would protect him native Saul’s lies and assaults. And God heard David and also delivered him from the hand of Saul.

Speaking with the prophet Isaiah, God even invites us to plead ours causes before Him. “I, even I, am the one who wipes out your transgression for My very own sake; and I will certainly not remember her sins. Put me in remembrance; let united state argue our instance together. State her cause, the you might be confirmed right” (Isaiah 43:25-26). (Note that the King James version translates the word “state” as “plead”)


Jeremiah understood the requirement of doing that: “Righteous art Thou, O Lord, that I would certainly plead my case with Thee; indeed I would discuss matters that justice through Thee” (Jeremiah 12:1a).

These men of good faith understood that the word “plead” was a legit term, no an action of begging to persuade God to perform something. It intended “to assert a defense by one advocate”.

According come John, the blood that Jesus is your advocate. “…We have actually an Advocate through the father,” that writes, “Jesus Christ the righteous, and also He self is the propitiation because that our sins…” (I john 2:1-2).

That word “propitiation” start its meaning from Greek culture. In old times, it explained how a man might try to appease the gods—and protect himself from your wrath. In the Bible, however, propitiation describes the work-related of Christ’s blood, i beg your pardon is to defend and assist us prevent destruction.

You have actually a legal ideal to plead the government of the blood that Jesus simply as you have a legal appropriate to use the surname of Jesus. You room stating your situation that satan has no authority to rule you, suspicion you, guilty of you, intimidate you, or injury you or her family. Satan is stripped of all authority and also disarmed by confidence in that priceless blood. That is no longer totally free to act against you or your household to lug harm or mischief. And also satan must thus flee.

When friend plead the blood the Jesus, you are calling top top God—as David did—to meet God’s promise of security in Psalm 35:1-2, “Plead mine cause, O Lord, with them the strive v me: fight versus them the fight against me. Take organize of shield and buckler, and also stand up for mine help” (KJV).

Althea didn’t do such one eloquent appeal to God the night in Brooklyn. However something happened when she asserted the blood that Jesus against the fear she faced. In solution to a basic cry for help, God took action.

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I encourage you come make that cry—apply the blood the Jesus come the doorposts of your life. Dare to stand on the written promises in god’s Word and testify boldly the your belief in the blood that Jesus. When you do, satan will certainly flee indigenous you, proving as soon as again that Jesus is mr over every the earth.