3) A graph of accounts is a list of every one of a company's accounts with their account numbers.

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4) A chart of accounts is organized in stimulate of the audit equation, v assets first, adhered to by liabilities and owner's equity.

5) The ledger is the very first book the entry for a service transaction.

6) an account receivable for the selling company is an account payable because that the to buy company.

7) The straightforward summary an equipment of bookkeeping is the:

A) ledger.

B) account.

C) debit.

D) credit.

8) Accounts are grouped in a book called the:

A) trial balance.

B) chart of accounts.

C) journal.

D) ledger.

9) all of the complying with are heritage except:

A) cash.

B) account receivable.

C) land.

D) account payable.

10) an organization's perform of all its accounts and also the related account number is referred to as a:

A) balance sheet.

B) chart of accounts.

C) ledger.

D) trial balance.






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