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My Life as Liz is a mockumentary-style American comedy television series that centers top top the life of Liz Lee, a misfit high-school an elderly living in a small town in Texas. The series debuted ~ above MTV ~ above January 18, 2010.

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The first season finale aired on in march 8, 2010. Filming because that the second season started early 2010 in new York City, greatly at Pratt Institute, the university which series star Liz Lee attends. Season two premiered February 8, 2011, and consisted the 12 episodes. The collection was not renewed because that a third season, and the series finale aired on may 3, 2011.




My Life as Liz supplies the camera-work and also editing typical of fact television. The show hints at Liz living in a little country-like town whereby her individuality is constantly threatened. The Texas city Liz resides in is a rapidly growing city of end 35,000 residents. The display targets isolated scenes consistently to hide this truth and leaves something come be desired in the absence of diversity. The Los Angeles times asserts that the present "is quasi-reality -- real people, in their real environment, leading stays that are being in some way dramatized" and also that the show "flirts through documentary but intersperses scenes of high-school hallway conversations". An MTV executive has stated, "We don"t look in ~ it as just a fact show. Us weren"t walking to speak to it a sitcom, due to the fact that it"s not." executive, management Producer Marshall Eisen stated, "The dominance was, as soon as Liz is about other people, us played that as straight as we could. Once she"s alone, that"s when we to be able come stylize things more." Liz it s her has evidenced that there space multiple scene that are "planned", citing the step in "Liz"s gained Talent (Part 1)" where Liz costume as a superhero and in "Summer the Suck" whereby Taylor terry is presented in former of a black color screen, but the events and relationships space true. The series frequently supplies music from Faded file Figures, both for its finish credits and also during various episodes.

Series overview


Season one focused on the life of Liz Lee. She lives in Burleson, Texas, a conservative, religious suburb in the Dallas/Fort worth area; she is incredibly proud to be a geek and also she is happy to have actually her friends. The show additionally focuses on Liz"s main antagonist, Cori Cooper and her minions Taylor Terry and Tori Langley, and every one of Liz"s friend such as Bryson Gilreath (who is additionally her love interest), Colin "Sully" Sullivan, miles Reed, and Troy Yingst. Season one shows Liz"s journey through her senior year in high school, and also her battles with her opponent Cori Cooper. Season 2 is set in new York v Liz adjusting come old and new friends.



Elizabeth "Liz" Lee The show"s key character, is a girl indigenous Burleson, Texas. She is a self-proclaimed individualist and also geek. She feels the in she town people are either grounding up or narrow minded. She admits she provided to be a typical "preppy girl" till Cori Cooper betrayed she in high school. She enjoys reading comic books and is obsessed with Star Wars. Season 1 covers exactly how she faced high-school drama, occasionally with Cori involved. In "My secret Valentine", she begins to develop a crush on her friend, Bryson, even though he had actually a girlfriend at the time. Your friendship slowly gets stronger as he gives Liz support during her high college talent show, even playing etc alongside Liz to do her less nervous when performing. Regardless of their friendship, Bryson rejects her offer to go to the prom and also makes Liz desire to forget. However in the Season 1 finale, Bryson lastly confesses his feelings to Liz. After ~ high school, she moves to brand-new York to attend Pratt Institute. However, she meets very couple of people and has troubling juggling she long-distance partnership with Bryson. It to be in brand-new York when she met Louis, a possible boyfriend as soon as Bryson to be dishonest v her in "The Morning After".


Colin "Sully" Sullivan Liz"s sidekick and also best friend. The takes pride in his comic book collection and is always there for Liz. That is a vast supporter because that her, especially when she auditions because that her school talent show by do T-shirts in assistance for Liz. It"s revealed in "The ABC"s that Friendship" the he privately likes Liz but will no take the opportunity of asking her out; he fear it could jeopardize their good friendship. During high institution prom, Liz invites Sully come come through him after being rejected by her love-interest, Bryson. In "A Prom to Remember part 2", Sully shows that he wants to acquire Liz and also Bryson with each other by distracting Bryson"s date in order for them to have actually alone time. In season 2, Sully continues to be loyal to Liz and her partnership with Bryson. The gets exceptionally protective the Liz once he meets Louis for the an initial time in "the new morning ". Throughout his visit in brand-new York, the meets a girl called Marlene that shares his love that comics and also inevitably establishes a to like on her. In the Season 2 finale, Sully return to new York finally admits his love because that Liz in order because that him to move on towards Marlene. However, Sully falls short when Marlene "pulls the girlfriend card."

Bryson Gilreath Liz"s crush during season one, however, Bryson had actually a girlfriend. They virtually kiss in ~ the end of season one, yet their friend awkwardly cheer prior to the kiss. In season two, Bryson surprises Liz in brand-new York and also they lastly kiss, however, Liz finds out that Bryson supposedly has actually a girlfriend ago home in Austin. That is an alleged to love her however it seems prefer he does due to the fact that he leaves institution for the weekend and also spends it v her. Afterward, Bryson no hope tries to call her, yet Liz continues to disregard him. When he finds out that she is date Louis, he gets jealous and also due to Sully exposing his feelings about Liz, he admits come Liz that he go in truth love her in the season 2 finale.

Taylor Terri A past sidekick for Cori Cooper, known as the "Queen the Mean". At very first Liz didn"t to trust her because of Taylor befriending Liz in the summer yet ignoring she while in school. Yet throughout Liz"s senior year in Burleson High, she and Taylor slowly become great friends when she was standing up for Liz versus Cori Cooper in ~ her alphabet party. While helping Liz to be v Bryson, Taylor also befriends Sully and the remainder of the gang, and also is seen during season two typically hanging out with the team while Liz is in new York. In Season 2, it was revealed that Taylor has made decision to walk to university in brand-new York as well.

Louis M Johnson (Season 2) an aspiring musician in a two-man band who met Liz in the season 2 premiere if she to be dumpster diving for art job materials. At first, she thought about meeting him together a sign of relocating from Bryson until he visits she in brand-new York. After discovering of Bryson"s girlfriend in Texas, luigi is the one who cheers she up. He continues to flirt v Liz when she searches because that an apartment and even lets her move in through him temporarily. Once Louis finally gets the opportunity to go out with her, he ends up conference Sully and the gang, who were doubtful of him at first and make it their priority come make sure he won"t pains Liz. Liz actually provides to sing v Louis in ~ an 1980s gig, wherein they re-superstructure their very first kiss after their performance. In the Season 2 finale, Liz and Louis decide to put their partnership on host while he goes top top tour through his tape Augustine.

Cori Cooper (Season 1) known as the "queen the mean", Cori is really self-absorbed and hates "anyone who has an initial thought". She is the most famous girl in school, since she"s the prettiest. She is likewise a member of the "blonde squad" which consists of her, Taylor, and Tori. She will do whatever it bring away to gain what she wants, and no one have the right to stand in she way. She constantly looks for methods to get ago at Liz, her nemesis. Cori does endure a few personal loss in the series, together as as soon as she verbally attacked Liz in ~ a party being provided by Taylor, who stood up because that her versus Cori"s insults. Cori then demanded the she choose in between her and Liz. Taylor, finally having had enough of Cori"s hateful behavior, chose Liz. Later in the season during the "A Prom come Remember (Part 2)" episode, Liz had a mini meltdown right prior to the school announced the prom queen which to be awarded to who else. Cori then had actually a meltdown and also went to the bathroom through her other friend, crying about how she feels and how she thinks everyone in the college hates her and also now realizes that her shallow, grounding up, and vindictive ways have ultimately led to her downfall. It to be revealed in season 2 that she had actually a baby.

Critical response

Todd VanDerWerff that The A.V. Club gave the an initial episode of season one a C rating. That compares the present to the format of the Coen brothers films and also of mockumentary of Christopher Guest yet criticizes it for having learned all the dorn lessons. He credits the show with having some goofy charm however is disappointed by the very same old stereotypes. He inquiries if the show is a sitcom combined with a reality show or the other means around. That criticizes the heavily scripted nature that the show however notes the show could be fixed if the was more honest and also decisive around what it really wants to be.

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Mike Hale the The brand-new York Times gave a somewhat comparable opinion saying, "it registers much more as a sitcom 보다 a reality present — it"s so stylized and carefully planned and post-produced, it"s the next best thing come scripted, if it no in truth a wholly scripted put-on," yet remarks, "and that"s the point." He says of the premise that "it"s as if the geeky misfit viewer who hates all those blonde women on The Hills to be suddenly component of the show." although he states the main protagonist "doesn’t make her life or she opinions seem interesting sufficient to attract you in," he finds few of the other characters make much more of an impression.