Tarek El Moussa is a television personality and an American genuine estate investor. The HGTV truth TV collection “Flip Flop” i m sorry he and his wife space hosts have actually made lock famous. Christine El Moussa his wife is additionally a real estate shark. The duo finds and also renovates houses then flips them because that profit. They space the co-founders and run the agency “The El Moussa Group”. He is a experienced real legacy agent situated in the Orange County, California. Discover out more intriguing details top top Tarek’s Bio Nationality, Age, Nationality, Ethnicity, Religion, and Family.

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Age: just how old is Tarek El Moussa?

Tarek El Moussa to be born on 21st respectable 1981. His present age together of 2019, is 38 years. Despite numerous struggles that has had actually to deal with, the still watch charming.

Tarek El Moussa Bio nationality, ethnicity, and also religion?

The renowned TV personality stop an American nationality. His ethnicity is believed to it is in white return some sources say he was born In Egypt, rather state he has a Moroccan father. Based upon these facts, his ethnicity details are still in doubts. His name El Moussa is Islamic. However, that is stated to be a Christian. That is why many of his fans execute not know much more about his religion. It’s evidenced he is a Christian.

Family: son Brayden El Moussa, kids.

Tarek and Christina got married in 2009. They room blessed with two children. The firstborn is their daughter Taylor El Moussa. She was born top top December 22nd, 2010. The various other is a child Brayden El Moussa born top top 2015. The bear of their second born was revealed to it is in a very difficult process.


Caption: Tarek El Moussa family snapshot with his mam Christina and also children

Back in 2013, a registered nurse and also one that his viewers reported a lump on Tarek’s neck. The underwent a biopsy and also ultrasound top top June 12 and also the bump was gotten rid of as it was uncovered to be cancerous. To your shock, that was found to have stage 2 thyroid cancer. Though the lump to be removed, the good news was the cancer had actually not spread to various other parts that the body.

Apparently, the pair is stated to have actually divorced in December 2016. However, the separation didn’t placed a prevent to the show due to the fact that they still organize it together. Factors behind the divorce room still unclear. Though, it to be rumored to be Tarek’s abusive nature. The two have moved on through their lives. Christina newly is date Nate Thompson if Tarek was rumored come be dating his children nanny, Alyssa Logan. The rumor is quiet unfounded as he is single.


Caption: Tarek El Moussa and also his mam Christina

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Bio and net worth.

Tarek El Moussa is a tv personality and also works for HGTV. Details of his educational background room unknown. He is divorced and also has two children. Tarek El Moussa has actually an approximated of $6 Million.

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