This old legend retold through a master storyteller is woven with an excellent respect, giving the renowned characters included depth and new life. Yolen records the reader from the very beginning, luring one in there is no letting go until the spellbinding conclusion. It is a welcome enhancement to the Arthurian legend — a true standout! encourage By Richard C.,

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The recently crowned King Arthur is unsure of himself; worse, the civilization are unsure that him. As well many human being want the throne, and also treachery is everywhere. Merlin should do something prior to the king is betrayed, or murdered, or — worst of all — it s okay married. So Merlin magically areas a sword into a slab the rock, allows it be known that whosoever removes the blade will certainly rule all of England, and also invites any man that would dare, to try to pull out the sword. ~ a little bit of showmanship, Arthur will attract the blade (with a tiny magical help, the course), and also the people will rally roughly the young king.Except someone rather pulls the sword out first....
"Yolen works her dependable magic on the old tale of the sword in the stone, not by re-telling it yet by get loan its themes and characters and shaping it right into a whole new story, shot v with equal components humor, intrigue and also poetry." The Washington article Book World
"Although the prolific Yolen normally supplies more action, those who can"t get sufficient of Arthur and his court will likely enjoy the various slant top top his increase to power." Kirkus Reviews
" page-turning tale of magic and also adventure, betrayal, loyalty, and love. Through smooth, available prose, she paint, etc her characters with broad strokes." institution Library Journal
"n hands, this old story of King Arthur is fresh and also alive....Yolen"s words and phrases evoke this ancient time yet will certainly appeal come today"s reader. Placed this in ~ the peak of her read-aloud list." Children"s Literature
"Yolen is a gifted writer the fantasy and has went back to this legend the Arthur and Merlin time and time again. She renders the action flow, blending the magic through reality." KLIATT
"Yolen employs straightforward vocabulary and straightforward storytelling to weave a subtle, many-layered tale. Her personalities have depth and personality....It is, together the book"s ending tells readers, "an old story however a good one," and Yolen does that honor." VOYA
The freshly crowned King Arthur has actually yet to victory the support of the people. Merlin need to do something prior to the king is betrayed, or murdered, or--worst that all--gets married. So Merlin create a trick: a sword magically inserted into a slab of absent that just Arthur can withdraw. Then he allows it be well-known that whosoever clears the blade will rule every one of England, and invites any kind of man who would dare, to shot to pull out the sword. Yet then someone rather pulls the sword out first. . . .

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