Moon royal residence Jamaica Resort and also Spa in Ocho Rios - all inclusive

Moon royal residence Jamaica Resort is wait for you. Beautiful beaches heat Moon palace Jamaica Resort and with it, an unobstructed check out of the sparkling waters of the Caribbean. With more than 700 well-appointed rooms, Moon palace Jamaica Resort is palace Resorts newest will in Ocho Rios, Jamaica. Moon royal residence Jamaica Resort is located a five minutes away from Downtown Ocho Rios, so you have actually the choice of enjoying the relaxing and convenient confines of the resort or walk on one adventure that your own in the city.

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Exceptional service and delightful amenities are only part of your experience at Moon royal residence Jamaica Resort. Include to that a huge array of activities and fun adventures and get collection to embark ~ above a vacation of a lifetime.

Luxurious accommodations, well dining, delicious snacks, top-shelf drinks, 24-hour room service, free wireless Internet, and the best staff that’ll turn your vacation right into a life time of memories.

Fine Dining

At royal residence Resorts we offer a selection of world-class dining options. Making use of the finest local and imported ingredients, we offer numerous cuisine options including American, Mexican, Italian, Pan-Asian and also more.

Delicious Snacks

Savory and also sweet treats served with gourmet coffee, teas or the drink of her choice, always accessible throughout lounges and snack bars.

24 Hour Room Service

A wide an option of options, consisting of breakfast favorites, entrées and also main courses, soups, salads, snacks and desserts, easily accessible 24 hours a day. Ideal of all, it"s included!


Stunning areas with mesmerizing views; spacious, shining rooms v high quality linens, contrasting woods, and also stylish decoration, bathrooms through CHI brand products, hair irons and blow dryers, and also liquor dispensers with brand surname labels the whisky, rum, tequila and also vodka.

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Restaurants & Bars
every Inclusive Details

tasks & Amenities

At Moon royal residence Jamaica Resort, we want your remain to be filled with fun, romance and unforgettable memories. We put together a variety of activities for friend to enjoy with your loved ones. We have plenty of daily and nightly tasks to save you entertained.


Take one adventure down a river on one inner pipe while enjoy it the beauty, beauty of the bordering flora & fauna or visit the nearby city of Negril, or you can take an Ocho Rios city tour, and get close and personal with the locals. Obtain your sun block ready, it’s going to be a wild ride.


Herbal steam baths, be safe massage sessions, and invigorating spa treatments await you in ~ our world-class spa. Permit our staff of professionally-trained therapists and also aestheticians assist reenergize and feel brand-new again. Take it a break and spend a couple of hours gaining an indulgent, detoxifying spa therapy in paradise.

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The Playground

The Playroom in Moon palace Jamaica will adds extra fun to her family"s vacation v planned tasks and games. It"s the perfect holidays for our tiny guests.

Open day-to-day from 10:00 to be to 10:00 pmChildren under 4 year old need parental supervision at every times.

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At Noir guests* have the right to enjoy trendy and exclusive VIP locations designed with stylish comfort. Friendly bartenders, premium drinks, modern music and also the latest audio and also lighting equipment, do Noir the ideal place for guest to dance the night away.