Are you all set for a street glider?

We space USDA licensed sugar glider breeders in Andover, Ohio; located about 1 1/2 hours east of Cleveland, Ohio, 1 1/2 hours north east of Akron, Ohio and around 1 hour north of Youngstown, Ohio. Throughout the year, we have several sugar gliders because that sale, however they carry out sell fast. Join our mailing list for joey updates and also pouch sales. Inspect out ours nursery to see our an option of street glider joeys because that sale. We specialize in street glider/sugar bear color variations and also are working with white face, leucistic, albino, platinum, mosaic, gray, caramel, and creamino lines. Our goal is come establish strong bloodlines and breed unique color variations if maintaining excellent records to track bloodlines. Not only do we consider color and also genetics once pairing all of our animals, but temperament and desirable physical qualities as well.

As a breeder, our score is to find knowledgeable and permanent residences for our street gliders. Prior to you acquisition a street glider, us will help you decision if they are appropriate for you and also your lifestyle. Then, we will aid you discover the perfect companion(s) come fit her exceptions. We offer support/education transparent the life of each sugar glider we sell. This includes email/text, personal FaceBook group, and phone assistance for emergencies.

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About Us

My surname is Jennifer Chandler. I am the primary caregiver to all of our street gliders. Ns married john Chandler top top July 9th, 2011; a exorbitant man and my ideal friend. We have actually a blended household of 3 daughters and also 2 sons. Our household resides in Andover, Ohio, i beg your pardon is around 1 1/2 hours eastern of Cleveland, Ohio, 1 1/2 hours north east of Akron, Ohio, 3 1/2 hrs north east of Columbus, and around 1 hour phibìc of Youngstown, Ohio.

My hobbies include teaching math and also science, sewing, web-design and programming, photography, and caring for every my beautiful animals. I invest a many time educating potential owners, preserving our internet sites, and making toys for mine pets. Us have additionally become an unofficially rescue, as we will never ever turn far a street glider or hedgehog in require of a home or suitable care. Mine family and I invest several hours each day bonding, handling, and also playing with all of our animal friends and also their babies.

We were USDA for 7 years, however in January that 2011 we decided to readjust our emphasis while our household transitioned to a new home. Then, in 2014 we chose to return to what we love doing and reapplied because that our USDA license. We currently maintain a USDA course A license. Us are additionally a minimal liability agency (JL Chandler LLC) as of 2016.

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Safe street glider pouches

Since 2003, I have actually designed and also produced number of sugar glider pouches and toys. In 2014, I included unique and also fun street glider embroidery designs. Mine husband and also I run PSG bag Place. Every one of our items have been proven safe and are street glider approved. We room a member the several ar safe vendors lists including: merchant List and Sugar Glider Fanatics. We mainly emphasis on safe sugar glider cage and bonding pouches, however we additionally make fleece toys designed to it is in in sugar glider cages.

Are you in search of safe street glider cage and bonding pouches?all-emboridered-colony dimension pouches.jpg inspect out our selection here!