So in among those girlfriend of a friend who is moving and also selling off every little thing kind of situations, a guy has a Stihl 038AV Magnum II w/ a 32" b/c. I constantly thought these to be a pretty well-known item, yet I have no idea what they're worth. Supposedly a lightly used/good problem saw. The number thrown approximately so much is $150. I certainly don't need another item, but.......

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I recognize this is a loaded question, but any kind of thoughts ~ above the value?
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In that problem it would probably go because that $400 ~ above Ebay.My brothers in legislation bought one in similar condition at a garden sale for $20 .So, over there you go.

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If it has good compression, the an initial thing i would perform is throw down 150 bucks and also go come the house, these were in my opinion one of the ideal saws that has came out,
only have a couple of chain saws I'm not suppose to use, but will at times, one dog Dolly, pretty good dog, just not sure what because that yet, functioning on obtaining the gardening ago in order, and kinda reasoning on possibly a little bbq bizz, thinking about it,
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I'm referring to a professional finish user experienced here:Stihl 038 Magnum in ~ 72cc very first introduced in 1985 was Stihl's an excellent attempt to market a great middle weight saw.But the celebration event ended easily the next year when the 064AV to be introduced, 85cc and lighter climate the 038 Magnum. The 038 Magnum ll retained the fire burning up until 1988-89 as soon as the next level 70cc course pro witnessed was born, the 044AV. But I execute admit friend won't uncover a an ext solid trusted powerhouse of a saw for casual everyday work climate the 038 Magnum ll.It still stays on sold in various other parts that the civilization as a MS380/381/382.
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150 evaluate by what the looks choose is a good price .Very reliable saw .I have actually two,an at an early stage model plus a Brazilian made version which is later on . I'd like it end an 044/Ms 440 but that's simply a personal preference .

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I have an '89 038 Super i m sorry is 2 cc's less in size I believe. I once reduced thru 25' that a 36" oak trunk with it and also eventually wore out the 36" bar i bought the with. As I aged i downsized come an 18" bar. I have actually never had any type of problems my local shop couldn't handle. Ns think mine is precious $350 therefore if girlfriend can obtain that one for $150 ns think friend should. If nothing else use it because that a couple of times and then sell it because that a profit.
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