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16830 south Broadway StreetPO crate 112, Joliet, IL, 60434

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Joliet, Illinois is resting location for the Stateville Correctional Center. The Stateville Correctional center is a most excessive security state office.

The Stateville Correctional facility is made from three offices on the premises. The offices are recognized as a level 4 and also level 5 unit, a basic level 2 unit, together a best security level 6 unit.

The Stateville Correctional center was to plan to house up to 4053 detainees. In the Stateville Correctional Center, they will certainly Just house male prisoners. Grown-up male prisoners to be careful.

You need to take note of the the Stateville Correctional facility is the residence of the Illinois’s fatality Row too. This implies the Stateville Correctional facility will house the absolute many risky offenders that was accused that the pure most terrible wrongdoings.

Inmate mail Address

Inmate Name, ID, real estate # Stateville Correctional center 16830 south Broadway StreetPO box 112, Joliet, IL, 60434

Stateville Correctional facility Prison Information

Inmate Search

Discovering data on a sinner in the Stateville Correctional facility is a an easy errand v how far innovation has come.

On the off chance that you space requiring data ~ above a detainee that is presently gift confined in the Stateville Correctional Center, girlfriend don"t should look any more distant than the Illinois Amendments division official site.

Here girlfriend will find an online database of all detainees in authority. Friend will have the choice to look with the database utilizing:

Prisoner Number

Illinois DOC Number

Detainee"s first and last Name

Sending a Mail/Care Package

When sending out letters to the Stateville Correctional Center, it would be right if friend guarantee the you don"t just put your arrival address, however you likewise have the prisoners name and the detainees Illinois DOC number top top the envelope too. This will certainly permit the jail guards a much easier time to perceive what is for who.

Sending Money

For you to have the choice to store cash right into a prisoner"s record at the Stateville Correctional Center, you need to be one affirmed guest. You deserve to mail a cash request to the office, however on the cash request, girlfriend should show the detainee"s number and the prisoner"s complete name.

On the off opportunity that you room not one endorsed guest, friend won"t be enabled to send cash come the detainee.

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Phone calls

Prisoners in the Stateville Correctional facility are NOT allowed to acquire telephone approaches any kind of electronic gadgets. Detainees are simply permitted to make telephone calls to their friends and family.

Telephone calls space constantly observed and recorded for security purposes.


For girlfriend to have actually consent come visit a detainee in the Stateville Correctional Center, friend should have actually rounded out, submitted, and also had her appearance applications endorsed. You won"t have the choice to visit a detainee without round off out and also having your guest application affirmed.

If a detainee is in the gathering, demonstrative, and also characterization stage, detainees can be allowed to having actually close relatives concerned visit.

Be that together it may, once they escape the stage, visiting hours and also visiting days will certainly be specifically subject to the prisoner"s care order.