The amount of caffeine in green tea varies between blends, but is typically in between 11-25 mg in a cup (assuming approximately 2 grams of tea brewed).

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Like various other drinks from grew plants (tea, coffee), there are countless variables the can alter caffeine content.

The size of unavoidable time is a significant factor - the longer the brew - the greater the caffeine. The newspaper of Food science evaluated various brands of environment-friendly tea and had very varied outcomes using the same amount that tea pipeline brewed because that 3 minutes.

This table mirrors the lot of caffeine in an 8 fl oz cup of tea (using 2 grams the tea leaves).

Green Tea BrandCaffeine
Stash Tea (Exotica Dragonwell)47.8 mg
Peets Coffee33.4 mg
Stash Tea (Premium)30.2 mg
Stash Tea (Organic)27 mg
Herb Enterprise20.2 mg
Midori Tea & Ginseng Co.17.6 mg
Lipton16.4 mg
Ten Ren Tea16.4 mg
Zen environment-friendly & organic Fusion15.6 mg
Celestial Seasonings12 mg
YamaMOTOYama11.2 mg
Stash Tea (decaffeinated)7.6 mg

As you deserve to see from the above data, environment-friendly tea caffeine have the right to vary greatly amongst brands and the type of eco-friendly tea used. Another study compared the content of dry matter from tea leaves and also found eco-friendly Tea had actually 10-20 mg per 1 gram dried matter. Research in 2020 found that green tea caffeine remained in the variety of 11.3–24.67 mg/g.

Black Tea had actually 22-28 mg per 1 gram dried matter. So together a general rule, eco-friendly Tea has actually less caffeine 보다 Black Teabut deserve to vary relying on which brand/type chosen.

Green tea is additionally high in the amino mountain L-theanine. This has actually a calm effect and also aids v concentration. There's a myth that eco-friendly tea has an ext caffeine 보다 coffee, however this isn't true. L-theanine is most likely responsible because that this. World will have a various level the alertness as soon as drinking eco-friendly tea which civilization mistake because that the caffeine's impact when that is really the effect of L-theanine.

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Matcha eco-friendly tea deserve to have much more caffeine due to the fact that of the unique means it is made. Girlfriend can uncover the caffeine contents of Matcha here.

Caffeine in Other green Tea Based Products

ProductSize (fl oz)Caffeine
Zest eco-friendly Tea8140 mg
Lipton Brisk green Tea126 mg
Nestea Peach green Tea2042 mg
Oi Ocha eco-friendly Tea16.960 mg
SoBe environment-friendly Tea2035 mg
Caribou eco-friendly Tea Smoothie1244 mg
Mega-T eco-friendly Tea Supplement1 capsule50 mg
Xingtea Flavored environment-friendly Tea23.535 mg
Arizona environment-friendly Teas23.522 mg
Bazza green Tea16.9150 mg
Snapple eco-friendly Tea1615 mg
Green Tea Ginger Ale129 mg
Starbuck's Tazo green Tea Latte1255 mg

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