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Match questions

Command Sergeant MajorAdminister JusticeAdministrative reprimands and also admonitionsCOMINT, ELINT, FISINTA crimeAn act for which the law provides a punish is called what?Which that the following ranks space not component of the formal chain the command?Which the the complying with entries explain non-judicial punishment?The score of the court-martial device is to do what?What space the 3 sub-intelligence technique in signal intelligence (SIGINT)?

Multiple-choice questions

Which the the following ranks serve as the senior enlisted advisor and also consultant to the chief of employee of the army?Administer JusticeCommand Sergeant MajorA crimeSergeant major of the ArmyWhich system applies to those Soldiers who room not amenable to correction by nonpunitive or nonjudicial an approach of mediate or discipline?Court-martial systemTrial CounselUpon conclusion of the preliminary investigationCounselingOn what space the values of joint operations formed?COMINT, ELINT, FISINTJoint publication keystone documentCommittedThoughtfulHabitualHUMINT, IMINT, SIGNT, MASINT, TECHINT, and also CIWhich the the following ranks are thought about to have actually the greatest influence on soldiers due to their monitor of the soldier day-to-day taskEthicsSergeantspunishmentcorporalWhich military operations are continuous routine activities that establish, shape, maintain, and also refine connections with other nations and also domestic civil authorities?Administrative reprimands and also admonitionsDetermine the type of counselingMajor operations and also campaignsThe rater’s comments

Test answers

What is the objective of devil collection activities?To obtain and exploit indications that will negatively affect a mission
What room the three sub-intelligence technique in signal knowledge (SIGINT)?Comint, elint, fisint
What does an evil one use to formulate the analyst’s perception of our operations?Indicators
Operation security (OPSEC) is provided to recognize which the the following?Actions that have the right to be it was observed by devil intelligence systems
Which of the following entries explain non-judicial punishment?Administrative reprimands and also admonitions
When walk the decision duration start?Upon conclusion that the preliminary investigation
What kind of process is used within the Operations defense (OPSEC) program to protect critical information?A 5 step process
What are the name of the Army’s knowledge functions?Humint, imint, signt, masint, techint, and also ci
Which system uses to those Soldiers who room not amenable come correction by nonpunitive or nonjudicial method of correction or discipline?Court-martial system
The goal of the court-martial system is to perform what?Administer Justice
An act for which the law gives a punish is referred to as what?A crime
What space the two types of court-martial counsel?Trail and also Defense Counsel
During a court-martial, who represents the government?Trial Counsel
Which the the complying with is the maximum time border a commander might impose because that restriction14 Days
what is the an initial step the the five performance steps that have to be completed prior to conducting a counseling session?Determine the type of counseling
Which DA kind will you use once conducting a mandatory, face to face performance counseling?DA 4856
When is counseling carried out for NCO’s?Within 30 days after the beginning of the rating duration and quarterly thereafter
Which the the following explains mentoring?A future-oriented development activity focused on farming in the profession
Which the the adhering to is not a characteristics of efficient counseling?punishment
What process do leaders use to testimonial the prove performance and potential of your subordinates?Counseling
Which army operations are ongoing routine tasks that establish, shape, maintain, and also refine relations with other nations and also domestic polite authorities?Major operations and campaigns
Which branch that the US equipped Forces is written of naval, land, air, space, and cyberspace forces, both combat and support, not otherwise assigned, that has the vital forces and also capabilities come operate and support the Navy and also Marine Corps, other military services, and also joint forces?Navy
Which branch of the US armed Forces is created of floor combat and service forces, with has aviation, water transport, and space and cyberspace?Marine Corps
Who is the principle army advisor to the President, the nationwide Security council (NSC), the homeland protection council (HSC), and the secretary of defense?The chairman that the joint chiefs
Which the the adhering to terms deserve to be identified as standards by which one should act based on values?Ethics
Which military operations comprise extended-duration, large operations that generally involve combat?Major Operations and also campaigns
On what room the ethics of joint operations formed?Joint publishing keystone document
Which that the following are narrative rules for constructing bulleted comments?Bulleted comments room mandatoryBulleted comments need to not be much longer than two linesUse details examples only once
Which that the following are valid an elderly rater entries in the in its entirety performance section?PoorFairSuccessful
The Multi-Source Assessment and Feedback (MSAF) regimen is under the organization and direction of the ______Center for army Leadership (CAL)
What web links the day-to-day observation of the rated soldier to the permanent evaluation of the rated Soldier’s potential by HQDA selection boards?The rater’s comments
The APFT entry may be left blank in which of the adhering to situations?60 years of age and olderIf the APFT has not been taken in ~ 12 month of the “THRU” day of the report
Which that the complying with ranks offer as the senior enlisted advisor and consultant to the cook of staff of the army?Sergeant significant of the Army

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